Saturday, September 5, 2009

Haunting... it has never been so much fun

When some random mom shakes her head at you, just cause you dressed up like a demon from hell... you know you have done a darn good job at it.

That's exactly the stares we got when we were having our little photo shoot around Pyramid. The snares and the look of disgust... my oh my, that's just how fast people judge others, but it was fun laughing at those moments =]

So the story is... we were having a little photo shoot at Sunway Pyramid and I must say... the shots turned out awesome, although they were a few minor setbacks. We tried using a few different locations around the area and here's some of my favorite shots

Dark Dawn

The Relic Collection:



Chains of Fate



Jewels of Destiny

Felicia as Raphael (^.^)V


Prince of Oblivion

We all have our troubles... but at least we have each other

We Love Sandra Collection: Sorry Sandra... this might get a lil cheesy for your taste XD

Xajin: Let me take your hand... and I will show you the way
Raphael: Don't listen to him...

She looks so peaceful...


Xajin: Raph.. don't disturb my time
Raphael: Too bad...

Raphael: What the hell are you doing?
Xajin: What does it look like?

Even the Photographer wants a piece

Don't be fooled... she's actually pretty light

Xajin: Where do you want to go?
Sandra: Anywhere =]

Seme and Uke Collection:

Why is she always the Seme?

Xajin: Mistress....
Sandra: Good slave


The tables have turned....

Raphael: I will protect you

Raphael: You're mine..

Alison: Ish she asleep?
Raphael: I think so... let's get her

Miscellaneous shots:

Reflection Shot

How to make yourself taller in shots

Black and White


Thanks for inviting me over

Had an awesome time

And you know we both lurve joo <3


World is Mine by Hatsune Miku

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QuirkyLilPrincess said...

ARGHHHHH!!!!! I so love my shots :) lets do a shoot again soon :)