Sunday, April 25, 2010

Struck again...

A reflection of the heart
A lie told by the mirror
A joke made by a riddler
A poem written by a martyr

Ever had that feeling when you wake up and you
know it's gonna be one of those days again...
nothing ever seems to go right the minute you open your eyes.
The sun is too bright, the birds are not singing your favorite tune
and your head is in a mess with all the stupid
thoughts running through your mind
causing you to slip back down the train of depression...

Sometimes I wonder if being sensitive is actually
a good thing. For one, you actually takes
the smallest words and twist them up
into completely different words and you take their meaning
in the worse way possible, scanning all the
possibilities and in the end take whatever words
thrown to you as either an insult or getting
left out or whatever that drags you down.

It's one of those days again where I start to
think about my place and where I stand.
It's really depressing to think about these
things, but if I don't think about it...
I get worse and try to hide everything inside
till the next time I explode and all those past
feelings come rushing back and attack me where it hurts.

I guess I'll just have to live with it... for now...

The blood that runs deep
I'll cut in deep and set you free
Flow down my skin and let it pour
Wash away this unending sore...


Sunday, April 11, 2010

GACC 2010 Gallery -Day 2-

Once there a lonely shinigami... pure at heart and beautiful in spirit. This shinigami longed for a partner whom thoughts and feelings can be shared with, but till now, this maiden in red waited and waited and no one came....

The poor dear decided it was time to set out on a journey to seek the one for him and the only placed to get hot and handsome men for him... it's at GACC 2010 baby~

Ahh... there were so many pretty ladies and handsome men that day. His heart lifted in spirit and he was dancing inside... who shall he scope out 1st... he has to make sure he gets all the best men out there.

Why hello... what have we here?

I like what I see

You're quite light on your feet

Ahh Ciel.. what are you doing here?

Ohh hello.. we meet again...
Hisa: I'm pimping yo~

Privacy needed


WAIT STOP... *throws the last one away*
Hello handsome


Hehe... twice the fun

AHHH Kanda-sama

Well it's been fun... but I have to get back to my Sebas-chan now *waves*


More Pics on Grell's adventure:

Kawaii ne~

Nixy poo and Sammie

Ahh I trained them well

Nyan Nyann

No comment


Nightress- Dream Pair that kicked out asses

Dante- Dream pair that kicked our asses

Okk one more pic

The truth:

Saturday, April 10, 2010

GACC 2010 Chronicles -Day 2-

Ughh... I finally have time to give some thought on Day 2... sorry for the long gone... assignments are killing me and finals are just around the corner... So yea... GACC... the hype has gone down since the GACC week but people are still talking about the stuff going on... Day 2 was the day that felt like what GACC has always been... EPIC

When stepping into the hall after Day 1's disappointment... my thoughts this time went... "now this is what I want"

The energy, the mood, the feel... it was all there... The booths were impressive but too little... the stage was nice but shaky... and best of all... gotta love the MCs man. Today's agenda was the solo cosplay competition and well...

I can't miss a chance to compete on the final stage of GACC and it was a good chance to stage debut my Grell and see how well the results were for a solo stage.

There was also a Duo competition going on that day and the only team signed up was the Dream Pair, Nightress and Dante... and being such loving family members, Kids and Myself along with Sky and Ikki decided to give them a little competition... aww..... You two won't be getting the prize that easy... you gotta get by us 1st... (They still won in the end anyway)

The event ended in a blast and a few dances... wheee...

Sigh... It's a shame this will be the last GACC... I'm gonna miss it...


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

GACC 2010 Gallery -Day 1-

Let's roll the pictures ladies and gentlemen.... it's time for the cosplayers to stand up with pride... this is our spirit and this is our lives...

Okk maybe a bit over-exaggerated, but oh well.... I like things over the top anyway.... Let's reel the pictures. The awesome-ness of the cosplayers deserve an applause...

Obviously... I am a butler to die for
Grell Sutcliff

Where is my Sebas-chan.. You promise to give me his lips
The Young Master Ciel Phantomhive

The Gardener.. no I'm kidding
William T. Spears

Where did you park your broom?

Let it snow~

Tree huggers unite... haha

Princess Tiana


Kanda & Allen


Roses are red... I love red

Zzz... he's sleeping on the job again

She's here to punish him...

Man in Suit...
Master Chief

Hmm... too bad I like guys... they are soo pretty too
Minori and Taiga

Sing for me...
Kaito & Akaito



Yea... These are a few that caught my eyes laa... there are more... just check out Facebook lol
Here are a few shots to show the cosplay spirit XP

I am so proud of this shot

Blue red red Blue

Red + Blue = Purple
Son + Papa = Mama
Learn it

Didn't you hear Red is the New Black

Ahhh I love my Harem~

See what I mean by LOVE~

Shota not included in Yaoi XP

Day 2 coming right up