Sunday, April 11, 2010

GACC 2010 Gallery -Day 2-

Once there a lonely shinigami... pure at heart and beautiful in spirit. This shinigami longed for a partner whom thoughts and feelings can be shared with, but till now, this maiden in red waited and waited and no one came....

The poor dear decided it was time to set out on a journey to seek the one for him and the only placed to get hot and handsome men for him... it's at GACC 2010 baby~

Ahh... there were so many pretty ladies and handsome men that day. His heart lifted in spirit and he was dancing inside... who shall he scope out 1st... he has to make sure he gets all the best men out there.

Why hello... what have we here?

I like what I see

You're quite light on your feet

Ahh Ciel.. what are you doing here?

Ohh hello.. we meet again...
Hisa: I'm pimping yo~

Privacy needed


WAIT STOP... *throws the last one away*
Hello handsome


Hehe... twice the fun

AHHH Kanda-sama

Well it's been fun... but I have to get back to my Sebas-chan now *waves*


More Pics on Grell's adventure:

Kawaii ne~

Nixy poo and Sammie

Ahh I trained them well

Nyan Nyann

No comment


Nightress- Dream Pair that kicked out asses

Dante- Dream pair that kicked our asses

Okk one more pic

The truth: