Thursday, June 26, 2008

Past to Present

Time to be a lil evil. I will be sharing some pics of my high school friends from SMK Hulu Kelang. I hope you understand what the title is trying to tell you readers. *smirk* The pics on the top will be the past, the one on the bottom.. the present

Let's start with my buddy, Yeow Ji Mi

Holy Shit dude, we look damn weird when we were younger. Although I have to say, his hair doesn't change much. He's like the leader of the gang and never stops yapping and he's a *ahem* womanizer *ahem*. Oh not to mention, this dude lost his nuts once he became a mom to 2 girls. No more father's day.

Habit: Carries a Physics book everywhere.
Nickname: Einsteinium
We call him: Jimbo, Jim-ass, Stupid Son... (Teachers mispronounce his name as YO JI MI)
Tag-Line: Oh My Flaming Balls of Jupiter and etc etc etc.

Like I said, he spews nuts.

Let's move on... Door number 2:
Wong Joon Hong

Lol... The nut on the right is him. He's my anime buddy in high school. The one and only... We will talk anime non-stop. This ass not only likes anime, he likes, Smallville, Prison Break, House, etc etc... The most hyper of the bunch and the father to Ji Mi.

Habit: Download King
Nickname: Scofield
We call him: Stupid Father, Ju-On, Hong-ko (Say in cantonese), Sakai
Tag-Line: Eh, Sakai

Sigh... Like father like son =P

Curtain number 3 opens now, presenting Kan Wai Choong

The center dude over there is Wai Choong. I gotta say this... he's the most sensible, innocent, faithful, patient dude you'll ever meet and bloody hell, he's younger than all of us by one year. He's the super computer in the gang

Habit: Too much studying
Nickname: Ryokan
We call him: Onion... he's too innocent to be given a bad nickname. Lol
Tag-Line: A smile's his tag-line

If you are ever in a quiz, call this guy.


Well, to my HELP gang, now you know what kind of people i hang out with and why I am who I am. All thanks to those buggers lah. =.="


Don't worry, part 2 is coming out soon. It's going to be the girl's turn. *evil*

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