Thursday, July 3, 2008

Past to Present Part II

OMG... been so busy lately... ASSIGNMENTS!!! Just passed up my Human Comm group work today, hope everything turns out well. Tomorrow is Psychology presentation... Stress Increasing. Stressing out so much after returning from Leadership Camp (pics next time)

Ahem... anyway... that was my ranting. As promised, I'm going to tell you more about the people I hang out with in High School. I've done the guys, now... let's look at the lovely ladies I used to chill with.

Like the last post, top will be the pic of the past (if available)

Ok... let me see... who should I start with... so many pretty ladies, so lil time *muahaha*

I guess I'll start with...

Ten Sook Mun =P

Aiyo... I tell you, this girl memang tak boleh tahan. Haha, just kidding dear.
She's the one that complains the most in the group... but... but... but... she's a very sweet girl.
I've been with her since form 1 and we sorta argue a lot, but all turned out good. Oh, btw, this girl is crazy about Jay Chou... =.=

Habit: Easily stressed... the complain
Nickname: Ashley
We call her: Ten Ten, Shiny... I forgot the rest
Tag-line: Pei Jian ah!!! (when I take her picture), JAY CHOU!!!
Special: Miss Lau’s daughter

I have to say this... Ten Ten, Jay Chou is lousy =P

Let's move on...

I present to you.... Tan Pui Ling

Problematic, Emotional, Trouble but a very sweet and helpful girl.

The thing that keeps reminding me about her is the rat incident. Miss sunshine jumped at the sight of a dead rat in our class.

She's the child of the group and has all the qualities of a kid; looks, voice and height. OMG, SHE'S SO CUTE. JUST FEEL LIKE PINCHING HER CHEEKS. LOL. Oh btw, she's a maths wiz...
Me so envious

Aiya, I can't say anything evil about her la, she's too innocent. Damn my weakness for cute girls =P

Habits: Acts like a kid
Nickname: Cappuccino (Don't ask)
We call her: Ling Ling, Serene, Kid, Little girl
Tag-line: *squeal*

You used to give me such a headache. Lol, but I love you just the same =P

Erm... next on my list is...

We have two ladies here, but the one I’m referring to is the one on the right. Lol, Ji Mi, what are you staring at?

Chong Pui Min. That’s the lovely miss up there. Very active and lively doll and is always there to lighten the mood.
I haven’t seen her in quite some time, hope she’s doing well

Habits: Over-active when comes to events
Nickname: ??? I don’t think she has one ???
We call her: We just call her Chong...
Tag-Line: I really don’t remember.

Forgive me, I don’t remember

Last one:


See... pengawas also can eat in class. Bad example.

She’s the rebel in our gang, always has to have the last say and never gives up without a fight.

In other wordsà Stubborn

I used to have so many debates with her. OMG!!! The memory haunts me...

Habits: Yap yap yap yap yap *evil smirk*
Nickname: Nararaj, CR7
We call her: Bunny, Nara Bunny, Don’t mess with the bunny *theme music*,
Tag-Line: Germaine, Shut up... just shut up.

So many more... There are few more people, but I’m lazy now. Too bad la... for them...

Yeoun Ping

Sutha (The one on the Left) *DUH*


Too lazy to talk now la... picture will do la.

Haha, I’ll post up some new pics later... Now thinking of a theme. Camp pictures will be up next time as well

Cheers for now


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