Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Bon Odori Requiem...

Looks like it's my turn to tell my side of the Bon Odori story... It was a night of mystery, a night with lights... a night to go crazy all over again. There will never be a normal day with these people around... but who needs normal when you have these people around to give you a good story to tell.

And thus.. the story begins:


No one was hurt in the making of this story and it's just pictures... nothing happened XD

Yaoi Content involved LoL

Picture Credit goes to Alison, Mamoru, Wen, Andrew, Beat, Ping, Alan

Everyone was gathering waiting for the event to start.

The crowd was huge, barely able to see the food as everyone was trying to grab a bite... he didn't bother bout the food... all he wanted was Blood...

They arrived at the spot and was greeted by the Big Boss himself...

Waving to his fans, he was greeting and mingling with them

Down the road, a lovely beauty came walking... she looked lovely in pink and the scent of her blood was tempting, but no... if he hurt her... her army of men would come hunt him down and take his life... better play it safe

The sun was still high in the sky... causing the everyone too break a sweat...

Some took the chance to cool down with a nice bowl of shaved ice

Some decided to make use of the last rays of the sun before it sets

While he waited patiently for the night, when he is able to start his own feast

While waiting... he scanned the area... Looking for targets to be his next victim

His friends have already begun their feast XD

Xajin: Hey call me next time when you start
WeN: Let's go hunting XD
Taka: Yea....
Xajin: Ahhh... what the hell... let's go

And thus the feast begins =P

Target 1: Alison

Target 2: Jacky

No one was spared

Xajin: Excuse me
Andrew: Erm... Ok
Reno: WTF?

Target 3: Poor Reno

Target 4: Lil Yuki

OK... that didn't go well.... OUCH

Target 5: Arisa

The sweetest kiss

Target 6: Sparda XD

He licks his lips... satisfied... I'll definately be back next year =P

Haha... okok That was random... but really the event was fun and I did have a lot of fun with everyone. There are more pictures besides the one up there... so let's just dump it here shall we... (I'm too lazy to think of a story now)

Made it =]

Me: *scratch head*

Welcome To Bon Odori 2009

Yuki Peace XD

Quote Matsuo Kumiko: The 3 Yaoi Princes

See what I mean

*He looks like he's in Heaven*

Potential Shampoo Model XD

Haha... Kawaiii

Haha... Another Cute one =]

Need I say more?

Fan Service XD

Feel The Force

Taka getting bullied

WeN: Want a bite Xajin?
Xajin: Err.... it's ok WeN XD

Jacky: I'm flying without wings XD

Waahh... Lucky me =]

Ahhh.. Kawaii Tako (Octopus)

Wheee... met a new friend XD

Lots and lots of Camwhoring

Sparda trying to fly like Jacky

See You there Next Year

The Prince of Darkness

Flower by Gackt

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