Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tales of the Old

Gaahhh... finally i got the pics from Animangaki from Alison... Thx much dear. Finally I can do another short story.... but before that... yesterday was Bon-Odori and it was an awesome event.

Lots of food... people and craziness. Those pics will be up later on... Met lots of people, had lots of fun and doing a lot of camwhoring as well =]

As for the story idea... I have a few ideas on what to write and it somehow be based on a chess and fantasy theme and I hope we can pull this off soon. Though I heard Reno will be leaving soon, so I need to find a replacement T.T

Anyway... here goes:

Hating his life and being controlled by his father... he follows his every whim and every command... to be the perfect prince that would one day take over the kingdom. He hated the way his father ruled the kingdom... treating everyone who were not "pure-blooded" as trash... The Prince never wanted to take over that kind of monarchy.

The Prince thought he found a friend among one of the "un-pure bloods"... A vampire girl who rescued him from a near death... he took her in even though his father was against it. She was his life... his companion... his friend... and he loved her...

Yes loveD... because....

She died by the hands of his brother... murder... and he was too late to save her

And what does his father have to say about it? He was glad she died "You're better off without her"

That night.... he ran away... away far from his father... away from his kingdom

I will return one day father... but this time... To take you down

Prince: Is everything ready Valvaris?

Valvaris: Yes my Prince...

Belle: Let's go... Everyone's waiting already

Prince: Are you sure you want to do this? Betraying my father and coming with me... you'll be executed if he catches you

Valvaris: Your grandfather asked me to take care of you and I will honor his final wishes... Besides... I hate your father

Belle: I'll go anywhere my dad goes.

They got onto the carridge with Valvaris on the reigns. The Prince took the list of members who agreed to help him with his rebellion. People who were sick of his father's rule. Men, Women and Friends who dare stand face to face with his old man....

He shuffles through the pages and starts playing the words in his mind...

Name: Benedict Lunaire
Position: Rook
Race: Werewolf

Ben... An old acquaintance I met on one of his journeys. We were once enemies, but the bond to set the world right was stronger than the hate we have for each other... We have one thing in common... To protect the ones we love

Name: Jenn Auloniad
Position: Rook
Race: Mountain Nymph

A mountain nymph Benedict swore to protect with his life. I met her along with Ben. The reason why Ben hated the mee was because I got Jenn hurt in an accident. Jenn is a sly nymph and a master of the shadows... she is the only one who can control Ben when he turns into a werewolf.

Name: Reno Ravena
Position: Knight
Race: Half-Vampire

Reno... My childhood friend... Father never liked me playing with you because you were a half. But I would sneak out to play whenever we can. Valvaris was helpful in covering for me. Now... you stand by my side... As my knight...

Name: Esther Ravena
Position: Knight
Race: Half-Vampire

Reno's only sister and only family left. We would always play together... Reno and her were considered out-cast for being half... So was I... In a way... the three of us understand each other. Strong willed and courageous and a talented Mage Knight... she stands with her brother in this fight

Name: Valvaris Vincensotta
Position: Bishop
Race: Hell Spirit

My faithful yet naggy right hand man. A powerful Exorcist... He was only in his teens when he served my grandfather... And my grandfather treated him like a son. At my grandfather's death bed... he told Valvaris to take care of me... and here he is now... Betraying my father and his home to help me... Thank you Val

Name: Eclanxe
Position: Bishop
Race: Hell Spirit

A girl that follows Valvaris everywhere and treats him like a dad... she helped me a lot too and she was my friend when I was lonely. She is like an older sister to me... Though she's young, she's a talented Necromancer... what her father kills... she brings back to life as her soldiers... creepy....

Name: Xajin
Position: King
Race: Hell Spirit

My real name is Leon Lucifer... Prince to the throne and the eldest son to the King of Hell, but I have abandoned that name and the title as his son... I accept my heritage as the Prince of Hell... I will live through this and I will take my father down... So I tell you who I am once again... My name is Xajin... and I am The Prince of Darkness

-The End-
*For Now*

4 hours plus of blogging... damn slow upload pic

Done... This is just a preview of what's going on... So don't hope for anything grand and big...

BTW... I suck at giving names... If you don't like your name... pls change it XD

I plan to put as many cosplayers here as possible


Here's some extra shots =P

Thx to everyone for the pics =]


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