Sunday, November 22, 2009

It was the Box

The feeling of winning best prop for a cosplay competition is awesome, but it leaves you with a WTF feeling when the prop that helped you win was a mere brown found in the contest store room and you used it as a TV set. All hail the power of imagination...

Step Up.. Young Warriors

Last Saturday was the 100% Gempak event. I only decided to head down to compete 2 hours before the registration opened (Thanks to Sparda). I went there, got changed, mingled a bit, made some friends and went on stage with the other contestants

The first part was easy, the 3 poses. No sweat. The 2nd round was the eye popper. The contestant are supposed to draw out their random skit theme from what Jared likes to call the Kaya Tin of Death? Remember, the skits are picked at random

Here's what they got:

Naruto (Sparda): Your best friend cheated on you (I wanted this one)

Vergil (ZcDave): Swords (And he proudly swings his sword around)

Rikku (Jun Jun): You only have 10 bucks but you owe 10,000 to TNB (OMG so fitting for a theif character)

Momo (Kazu): Sleepy (What the.....)

Zhen ji (Night): Martial Arts (This was so made for you sis)

Tia (Yu-chan): You are in an earthquake (Not so bad)

Sheryl Nome (Azusa): You got a fan mail on facebook (Really... duh)

Llody (Gahleon): Internet (The most epic topic for a nerd character)

and what did I get

Tamaki (Xajin): You are fighting with your friend to watch Bruno

The first thing that came to my mind was... WHAT IS BRUNO!!!?

My 2 Helpers and Yaoi Incest Partners
Nephew Ike & Papa Yuan

I had my friends explained to me the movie and I was going HOLY... i found out Bruno was gay and he's a fag... oh and he's gay. I ended up doing some random yaoi skit on stage with.

Oh well... it was fun.. I'm sure everyone had a blast... The next event will be Comic Fiesta... see you all there

Congratz to Nightress nee-chan on her win. I'll get you back one day XP



QuirkyLilPrincess said...

eleh,no thanks to me for informing u on the comp :P

Shadow Xajin said...

hai hai arigatou