Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tears from my Heart

What do you call people who are more than your friends, not close to be lovers, but treats you like a family?

I call them my really really confusing family tree... An extensive family tree of cosplayers that are linked by one relation or another.

The recent Hanabi event was one event I dare not forget (or Matsuo mama would kill me for being an ungrateful son), but seriously...

This event was the best thus far... not because of the competition or the booths. It's the people around me...

Let's see... what did we do....

Getting to see my bros again was really awesome as we hung out the whole day dancing, singing and going crazy.

Ok... everyone... listen to your King

The Yaoi... (Yes mama, you can steal this)

More Yaoi
(This was a Twister Game... how it turned out like this... beats me)

Sparda's Rider Battle Performance

The Bands
(Flicked Mind.... YOU GUYS ROCK)

Dai Spammerz entered their 1st ever skit doing some random performance.

The mass dance kept on entertaining.

The flirting kept on coming XP

But the fun was not over

That Sunday was also my birthday. The first thing I got when I stepped into Taka's booth was a birthday song by a few of them. I was later presented with a gift by the Hanabi committee (Thank you Nikki and Exzora).

Oh I got a surprise party too.... =.=

How surprise was the surprise.... Let's see... the coincidence that the place Feli and Sandra decided to go for dinner while meeting the cosplayers there... The presents... the fun we had... nope... still was too blur to find out it was all planned... I only realized it was a party for me when the cake came out =.=

How BLUR can i get?

I really don't know what to say... I have so many thank yous in my mind now... how am i going to express this... oh well... bear with me

Mama Matsuo... You planned this... I'm gonna get ya for this XD

Feli Mama (2nd mom)... Laugh at me for being so blur la....I blame you for tricking me

Papa Yuan... I had fun that night *wink wink*
You're an awesome Papa. You know how to treat your ZaiZai... I don't mind being your Uke XD

Look... she's blushing XD

The Baka Trio
Need I say more? LOL

The Duo school guy

My new Victim and thx for the photos

Thx for the present dear and for hanging out =D

For playing along with Feli's scam

RayRay & Kori
Ray... you always take care of me and Kori for being a good friend in such a short time

Same goes for you Chiko

There are more... Hehe.... you all know who you are *stares at you you and you*

Thx for making that day special for me everyone



Matsuo Kumiko said...


Haha XD I don't wanna steal that picture X3

And i'll try not to let you get me back~~ Nyahahahaahahaha~~~ *flees*

Anyways ^^ You're welcome =]
I'm glad I could make your birthday a memorable one ^^

♥ you~ ^^

Shadow Xajin said...

Haha... I will get u back mama... just u wait XD

Thanks again mama... u really made my day ^3^

Love u too