Sunday, January 3, 2010

1st Tag of 2010

Well what did you know... it's only been 3 days and I already got tagged by Kuro. Well... it's not a very bad tag, she just wanted to know my New Year's Resolution... Gaaahh.... who am I joking... THIS IS BAD!!! What shall I write... er... erm.... Ahh.. I'll crack something up...

Short Term Goal:

1) Get ass back to Uni

2) Try not to fall asleep in class (I EMPHASIZE.... TRY!!!!)
3) Write more stories & poems
4) Get CASH... FAST!

Long Term Goal:

1) Go to every Cosplay event in reach
2) Win 1st place in at least 3 cosplay competitions
3) Complete all cosplay plans
4) Solve all matters complicating life
5) Become a better person

I'll try to keep these resolutions


Congratz to Nic and Carmen
Game Over Nic
(Just Kidding... this is just the beginning)



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