Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tears from a Rose

Glamor, Fame and a Name... the perks once you take up the role as Host at the prestigious Ouran High Host Club. A place where gorgeous men with free time will spend countless hours accompanying young maidens and fulfilling their request and putting a smile on their faces. Of course, it is my job as the King to make those smiles happen, but my task today does not start at the Host Club...

Heading to an event alone without my other host club members, it was a marvelous sight to behold. The place just screams of sheer perfection and beauty. The lights, the scent, as well as all the pretty girls lining up to show off their true beauty... and I will be that person to show them that beauty

With a grin on my face, the dazzle in my eyes, a rose in my right hand... my heart in the right place... I placed my left hand inside my pocket, I got myself ready to make smiles fill this humble hall.

I walked towards a familiar face, the only member who followed me here (He's worried that I will cause trouble, but I know he cares about me), my assistant for today's little expedition, Kyouya. Though I was shocked when he actually listened to me and appeared cosplaying as Cloud.

Tamaki: What do we have today?
Kyouya: Seems like a good crowd. I assume you are ready for this mission?
Tamaki: Cloud, when have I not been ready for a mission like this?

The day went on smoothly, I met my customers and I did my part.

Kyouya was sure happy too see the money rolling in... me... I was just happy to see the smiles on their faces.

Being with my customers is the best kind of reward

After all... I am... The King

My job was done... Kyouya checked his files again to make sure that we did not miss out anyone...

That's when I saw her... standing at the distance, an expression full of sigh and sadness... She was just standing there and looking into the blue void above.

Tamaki: Kyouya... Is that... It couldn't be
Kyouya: Hmm? Oh her... Mikuo, one of the judges for the competition later. Don't think about it so much. Besides, she's not one of our customers today, so... hey... are you listening to me?

Tamaki: Customer or not... I'm a Host and I can't stand by and see a girl sad...
Kyouya: ... I knew I shouldn't have come

Mikuo, I can't believe she was there... right in front of my eyes... she just stood there, looking into the endless sky above... sighing heavily under her breath... I wanted to go to her and ask her what's wrong.. but as I approached her with a smile... she took one look at me and looked back into the horizon. She was locking herself up and I do not have the key to unlock that heart...

Tamaki: Is there something wrong, my princess?
Mikuo: ...
Tamaki: You know... it's such a shame to see a beautiful girl sad on such a gorgeous day
Mikuo: The world is filled with beauty, but why is life such a difficult game to play. It's been years since that day.
Tamaki: I know it has... but I still think about your smile everyday

Such a sad expression, I never seen such as expression so sad on her before... I can sense that she was hiding her feelings, suppressing them inside... waiting to fly out... Talking to her was like talking to an empty shell... lifeless... dead...

I was hooked... never have I seen a girl with an aura like hers... I was still intoxicated by her beauty and by her nature... My heart was beating out of sync and I stood there in front of her for a few minutes... just looking at her as she was starring out to the beautiful sky above... speechless...

Tamaki: Do you think we could meet up later? I would like to talk to you some more...
Mikuo: Huh..? I'm sorry... I'm pretty busy today
Tamaki: Haha... well... I think I will find a way to meet you
Mikuo: Who knows... Life is a mystery within a history
Tamaki: If you say so... princess... I'll see you soon
Mikuo: Maybe...

*attention to all competitors, please take your place behind the stage as we will begin the competition very soon*

Tamaki: Hey Kyouya, sign me up will you...
Kyouya: *sigh* You're up to your usual antics again aren't you... I signed you up earlier.
Kyouya: Just get your butt backstage will ya.

The contest was about to begin, it's a competition of style... to impress the judges... The contestants stepped up and begin their performance, they were good... some had potential to win, but my goal was not to win... it was to impress her.

I stepped on stage... she was sitting in the middle of the other 2 judges. I looked at her... smiled. She looked at me with a blank expression. I pulled out a rose from my pocket. kissed the side of the petal... and threw the rose at the judges

I jumped from the stage, and landed in front of her... I knelled and pulled out another rose...

Tamaki: I hold a rose close to me... just like how I hold your heart close to mine

She took the rose, but she did not say anything... neither did she smile... she just nodded ... Oh.. how I would love to see her smile. It was a shame I did not make it into the finals...
seems like your not supposed to jump off the stage and flirt with the judges... Was I even flirting?

Guess all I can do now is wait...

The competition soon ended and a winner was announced, I waited outside the hall for her... everyone was starting to leave the hall and heading down to the little festival the committee had prepared, music, food, the life... I waited for a while... but... she did not show up with the others... The lights in the hall went dim and only a single light was left on... I entered the hall once only to see her working on a few papers.

Tamaki: Need some help?
Mikuo: It's alright... I just have a little more to go
Tamaki: It's alright... The faster we finish... the faster we can go to the party downstairs
Mikuo: ... I don't feel like partying tonight...
Tamaki: Well... if you don't feel like it... I don't feel like it either... can I accompany you tonight, My Princess?
Mikuo: You never give up do you...?
Tamaki: I never do... and I see you kept the rose I gave you
Mikuo: Haha... I can't throw it away... All right... for old times sake...

I stayed there in that very hall with her, we started talking the night away. It has been so long since I last heard her voice, the sweetest melody to my ears. We began to reminisce, all the good times... the bad... and that one moment where our lives changed forever.

We talked till the dismal glow of dusk made way to the cold calm darkness of night... Music can be heard from below, the bands were giving their best entertaining the crowd... but the hall was silent to us... all we could hear inside that very hall... was the voice of the person in front of us, the song of our souls and the memories in our hearts...

But we both know, that after tonight... we will return to our own lives, back to the path we chose. I will still remain as a Host, a servant of chivalry and honor. It was my job to keep the smiles inside everyone alive, to make everyone happy... that is my joy in life...

Falling in love is not an option. This is my life now... but at least... for just one night... please, let me fall in love with you... just one more time...


FINALLY IT IS DONE!!!! Took me a few days, but I was able to pass the writer's block in my head and get a story from TAF up.

Tears from a Rose talks a little on the past, and yes it is all fictional and has no context to the original storyline... I mean.... who has ever heard of Kyouya cosplaying Cloud? Only Wen Aniki would do it XD

Anyway... this story is dedicated to:

Wen Aniki: Here's the story already... jeez XD
My Twin Felicia: SURPRISEEEE!!!! XD
Belle nee-chan: For constant help and proof-reading
Evey: Lalala
To all my readers who waited for this... sorry it took so long

Credits to the photographers:

Alan: Awesome shots man
Mamoru: Camwhore Prince
Alison: Thx dear for the shots
And to Solomon, Popiah and Raptorz and random photographers (sorry... didn't manage to get your names)

Phewww... That was a mouth full... I hope you enjoyed reading it... I really enjoyed writing this one... the writer's block was not so nice though XD

More pictures later... Till then



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