Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just a Normal Day

I'm running out of ideas and time to blog... HELP ME INSPIRATION!!! Guess I'll just drop in some pictures... No story this time people... My assignments are taking over my life, so bear with me.

A few weeks back, a group of us has a little photo shoot for the front cover of HELP HMC's newsletter and it's my favorite edition of the year... HALLOWEEN!!! The pumpkin king rises again and it's time for the Prince of Darkness to come out from his coffin.

The shots were taken by Hariz and a few by yours truly... Take a look:

Yo... Getting ready here

Adding the Essence

Alright.. I'm done... Next Step... The hair

Another masterpiece done =]
*Note to self.. By more hairspray*

Finally... The girls

And the Guys

Halloween came early this year XD

Blessed with Pride...

Taken over by Lust

Given into Greed

Consumed with Wrath

A taste of Envy

A Heart in Despair

Finally... A lil Fan Service

And as said in the title...
This is just a Normal Day for me



Ay Ike Jay said...

omg! u almost like Kai in one of the shots! 8DDD

Shadow Xajin said...

Kai the saaya cosplayer or kai from an anime?

Ay Ike Jay said...

kai from gazette silly! it's under the caption 'the heart in despair'

clicky pic>saves into memory >fangirl-ing 8D

Shadow Xajin said...

LAW.... that kai XD.... i want the pic XD