Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tears of Love

Meeting someone for the very first time would be an awkward moment for some people, but meeting someone for the very first time and being able to have an impromptu photo shoot... now that's something else... whatever that something is... you tell me XD

Bella and Jess, two people I meet online and for some apparent reason, we decided to met up and well so we zoomed to Montes at Bangsar Shopping Center and... the outcome is one awesome photo/camwhore session. Plus, I feel poetic today...

Tears of Love

I never knew how it happened

It seems I fell too hard

The tears of love took over

As you took over my heart

Trying to ease the pain

Cause the pain of love is just too much

Shall I take the jump

To take that chance

To learn to love once again

And to feel love in return?

You were always there for me
Now it's my turn to be there for you


Yeap... this was the first time we ever met face to face and we did a number of couple shots. I must say I am quite happy with the results:

The life of a Host

To please his customers


Pieces of Black and White Align

Aww.... *pinch cheeks*

Btw... they are only 15 XD
*For any guys who had any intentions... You Pedos*


PS: Thx for the Shoot girls... can't wait to see you two again

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Sayuri-chan said...

I love it how you just like to accentuate the fact that we are only 15 =_= thank you.