Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Inside the Garden

I really hate the semester breaks... I'm always stuck here with nothing to do. The person I want to go out with is either busy or tired and I feel guilty if I disturb anyone

Being bored makes me think more and more till I eventually get a headache. *Getting one now thanks to a monkey singing (badly) next to me*

What's on my mind as of now (besides being bored)?

It's my Garden of Dreams... I'm mapping put that place in my head; from every tree to every living creature that lives there.

The sun shines over the luscious land of green. Every inch of land is covered with the green grass and trees. A small hill covered in grass would be the place I would have my back against the grass, with my eyes to the heavens watching the clouds pass by. On top of that hill would be a fruit tree that would bear any fruit that I wish to eat and the fruit would grow every time I get hungry.

Where the land ends will be a body of water. Multiple lakes and streams that join together that surrounds the Garden and traps it from the outside world. The lakes would be filled with life, a perfect place for a swim. The stream would flow in an endless cycle with a waterfall n the middle.

Life would be everywhere in this Garden... The sound of the birds and the buzzing of the bees would be the sound that covers the Garden. Every life will live in harmony... No fights, No disputes... Just understanding and compromise.

Most importantly, this Garden will be a place for me to clear my thoughts, to share my feelings and just to talk with the people who are important to me... a place who only I can enter and allow whoever I want in... a place for me and you.

But as the name states, It's just a Garden of Dreams.



Mirror Ball by Alice Nine

In my memory
Lies a place of smiles
With green grass and blue skies
Stretching over the hills and to the heavens
A place just for me
Called the Garden of Dreams

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