Sunday, April 12, 2009

Poems Poems Poems....

Born into this dark abyss,
Filled with evil from within,

I am nothing more than a sin,
With the blood of man coursing within.

Set me free from this darkness night,
Allow my wings to take it's flight,

Take me away from this dying place,

And bring me to the light of day.

Don't look back,
Forget those tears,

I have left,

What I held dear...


The sound of the waves,
That crashed on the beach,

The song the birds,

Playing a sweet melody,

The sight of the sun,
Setting in a burning glow,

The beat of my heart,
That beats...
Just for you...



I'm bored... no one to entertain me...

Arigatou by Flow

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Denise said...

oh wow. you look great in a suit! really.