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Another Story by Xajin

Hey Everyone, I have another story up. For those of you who read Cutie-chan's blog, she mentioned I wrote a story for her on her birthday and here I am to share it with all of you. I know it's been a while since I posted anything, I've been damn busy with my assignments. Gomenasai and I hope you enjoy the story:

Oh by the way... I have a few stories in mind already, and I am up to dedications but I must agree to it. For the next cosplay event, I hope to get more good shots for more stories =]

This story id Dedicated to:

Miyuki and Hikari: Who helped me with the ideas and came up with the title

Cutie: Your story ma

Sparda: For fun

Everyone who enjoys my story.... Arigatou Thank You

Cutie-chan no Yume
(Cutie's Dream)
-Not Really-

Sakura P.O.V

For so long, I have looked at you from a far,

happy that I am able to be with you day after day. You make my heart skip a beat, you make my soul complete and I am happy just to be by your side. Although I say that, I wish that I can have more than just a fleeting dream of love. No matter what I do… You never seem to notice me, but I am happy as long as I am by your side.

I tried my best to get you to notice me.
I would play with my hair
to get you to look at me… I would playfully joke with you so that you would notice me…
I would stay with you the whole day so I don’t miss a moment with you
. Sometimes, I would even dress up in the shortest skirt and dye my hair, just to hear your comments.


Does she know that I always notice her, just that I don’t make a sound.
I notice the way she walks, the way she moves, the way she dresses

She is the light in my darkest times
and she is my rope that
pulls me out from the depths of misery
. I want her to know that I love her,
but I don’t want to ruin her efforts for trying to impress me…
maybe I’ll play along with her just for a while longer

*Sigh* Sakura is dressed up nicely again.
She keeps looking better and better every day.
*sniff* Hmm… she has a new perfume on today.

I think I’m in heaven. Oh… is that a new skirt… It looks awesome on her, but anything she wears would look awesome on her.

Ah… Sakura-chan, hurry up and tell me that you love me…
I’ll wait for you with open arms.


For so long I have looked at you from a far,
hoping you would notice me, but you never do…
I’m going crazy. I want you to hold me in your arms
I want you to be by my side when I want to cry…
I want to call you mine
… That’s it…
I’m going to tell you how I feel about you.

No regrets

Narration by the Prince of Darkness:

Day in and day out… she had to hold on to how she felt for him.
She feels very strongly for him, so on this day,
she will gather up all her courage and
finally she will give her heart to him and
hope that he will return with his

Slowly she walked to the garden where they always hang around
and surely, he was there with his best friend.
She doesn’t care that someone else was there;
she doesn’t want to lose this chance.


Sakura: Excuse me… I have something to say to you and this is important, so….
So just listen ok?

Naruto: *OMG OMG OMG… She’s going to confess…. YES!!!!*

Sakura: For a long time now…. I have looked at you from a far… You have been my pillar of strength and I think I have fallen in too deep for you….


Sakura: I LOVE YOU....

There it was, Sakura finally confessed.... Naruto was in heaven... Well, so he thought

Sakura: I LOVE YOU.... GAARA

Naruto: *Stoned*

After hearing that… Gaara was shocked, but he knows what he must do… he pushes her to the rock and with a soft whisper he said….
“I love you too”


Author's note:

If you think Sakura and Naruto will end up together... well... sorry to disappoint you *again*

oh... and sorry Sparda XD

Well... that's it... I hope to receive comments from all of you as usual

Xajin... Signing off


Ajisai by SID

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