Monday, June 8, 2009

In Memory...

I sigh every time I am here,
I can't believe it has already been a year
You know... she still misses you everyday
I'm sure you visit her everyday...

A year ha... Seems like only yesterday if you ask me

Looking at those times,
I tend to miss you even more
Those days were burnt deep into my heart
They were some of the best memories I ever had.

All those memories
All those lazy afternoons
You taught me things about myself
That I would be too lazy to figure out

Oh... one more thing before I go

I'll never forget your lessons and your guidance
Your words still rings clearly in my mind
I will forever treasure them

I'll never give up...
I'll grow stronger... Just wait and see

And Sensei...
Watch over us

Tribute to Shikamaru and Asuma

Now if only the Naruto group had these two characters, I can write a story =]

Oh well.... I wrote this cause I was bored

I hope I didn't bore you guys =]
Well anyway...
comments are welcomed =]
(as always)


Blue Bird by Ikimono Gakari

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