Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My GACC Road Trip (The Day)

A car... Two friends... and a mission to escape for a day... we set out for a day of cosplaying and fun at GACC. Leaving KL for this holiday was the best thing that happened in a while... away from it all and away from the nagging voice of my parents XD

I had everything I need... Good company, a destination, and a whole lot of make up to get me in the mood and feel. The journey was long, but entertaining to the max.

Someone didn't get enough sleep

We all got ready... finished dressing up and finished our make up and then.. arming ourselves with a camera, we were ready to have some fun...


Kamiya... COOL

The event lived up to it's name, it was awesome... I was amazed by the number of cosplayers, especially the Code Geass team... awesome... and... The vocaloids.... *fan boy mode*

Why take my word for it... Pictures tell better stories (forgive me... the quality is not so good... we only had a 5 mega pix cam)

Did I forget to mention I was Sandra's pet for a day...

She's one scary lady...

She ask me to kill... I kill XD

But she's nice at times XD

RayRay acting cool while I got stabbed

Ooo... A familiar face..

The Bread Chronicles:

Suwabara: You want it... fight for it..
Xajin: Give it here... my mistress wants it
Sandra: Hurry it up will ya...

Suwabara: Is that all...?
Xajin: Don't be selfish and share
Sandra: *yawn~~~*

Sandra: Finally....
Xajin: I want a bite too...
Suwabara: Who says bread don't bring people closer together... my work is done

And Our journey continues...


Suzaku (Knight of Rounds Version)

Xajin vs ZCdave Dante


And how can I not have a shot with these two

Xajin & Sandra:

Xajin: I swear to protect you...
Sandra: yaa... you do that...
Xajin: +.=

Xajin: Mistress...
Sandra: *pats pats*

Don't ask... she'll kill me

Finally... A candid shot...

The event was really well done... too bad we didn't head there for day 2, but we had enough pics to last us with memories of GACC

So... Our journey home was in our sights... but not before making a quick stop..

Find out where in part 2 =]

The Prince of Darkness

PS: Special Pics

Awesome Skit by the Code Geass Team

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