Sunday, August 23, 2009

A New Start...

I'm still a bit sick, but I'm slowly on the road to recovery. Thank you everyone, for all your prayers.

Better or not, I'll be heading back to the mundane task of University life. Lectures, Lecturers, Assignments and Exams... Oh what a life for a student.

This semester is gonna be a long one.... 5 subjects, 5 times the assignment, 5 times the pressure and a hell lot more to complain about... yay XD

Last Semester had been a blast, the fun I had with everyone, making new friends along the way and just going crazy... those were good times....

Crazy Lecturers

Interesting Group Work

Awesome Hang-outs

Cosplays (not my costume btw)

Awesome Group mates
*Only Guy Again*

See ya next Sem


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