Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Work of Art

Remember the 1st story I ever posted in this blog?

The title is Two Worlds and it tells about a story of forbidden love and I'm slowly (not to mention lazily) working on developing it further (just for my self satisfaction).

Anyway... A very sweet girl decided to draw the Prince of Darkness and Aki into anime characters... and I wanna spread this joy to the whole world *evil laugh*

Before I showcase her masterpiece, everyone... Put your hands together for Sandra or better known as Mikageceres:

Show us a lovely smile XD

Without further delay... let's begin the show:

This simple sketch of the two characters was the beginning of her work

and this simple sketch began to take it's shape and finally
(damn I look cool)

It became a work of art XD
(There's just not enough words in the English Language to describe the word AWESOME)

Well... That's it from me... Don't forget to drop by at Mikage's deviantART for more of her work and make sure you comment and fav all her stuff or she will murder me XD

(I'm bored)

PS: Remember to support her work k
Mikage's deviantART

Eyeshield 21 Blaze Line

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