Thursday, August 6, 2009

No more Camwhoring...

After last night's incident, my camwhoring and picture taking days will be placed on hold for a while.

What happened last night was just a test and a lesson... Belle, James, Wesley and myself went out for dinner after coming back from Mage Cafe and well, we were hungry after getting stuck in a jam dropping Esther off back home.

So the guys left the bag in the car and we went to chow down.. and when we got back.... my friend's car got busted in and our stuff were all gone.... damn those lifeless morons

We lost a lot of stuff on that day:

Wesley lost his whole stack of Magic cards which cost him around RM500 (hope you idiots know the value of those things)

James lost his accounting calculator (if they can work one that is) and his college notes (hope they can read too, maybe they'll learn something) and not to mention the car was his mom's

I lost my precious camera (hope you idiots like looking at camwhore pictures by a guy)

Belle took her bag along... *phew* (this also proves girls aree smarter than guys)

Well... at least none of us were hurt...

I'm not expecting to get our stuff back... cause I doubt the cops will do anything (proves how much help they are)

Anyway... This Blog will be lacking pics a while...


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