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My GACC Road Trip (The Night)

Title: The Night of Love and Betrayal

Ever wondered how revenge tasted like... Just imagine... hundreds... maybe even thousands of spikes piercing through your heart... the bitter taste of life comes crushing into you, leaving you with nothing to hope for... All your dreams shattered for that one moment when you will finally taste the blood of your victim...

He has yet to taste that sweet nectar of his victim's blood, but one day... he will... He will take up his sword and slice into the heart of the people that took her away from him.

Everything was going according to plan... his troops were ready for anything. On their journey, they even found a new queen piece to take the place of the one he had lost, but no matter what she did... he refused to accept her as the new member of their team, let alone the new Queen.

Xajin: No matter who you are... you will never be able to take her place... so don't even try. I'm only letting you stay because you are of use to me in my quest to take down my father.

For months they traveled together, collecting the things needed for their quest, gathering new souls for their pawns and forever trying to calm the raging Prince down to a level where he would not go on a killing spree whenever they encounter battle.

His head was calm when the match starts and he made every move strategically, but when it comes to his turn to battle, he let's loose with everything he has and this has come to the attention of his best friend and trusted knight, Reno.

Reno: Why not you take a trip down town to freshen up, we need a few supplies anyway.

Xajin: Fine... see you in a bit

He went into town, his team was hoping that he will chill and cool down... he did cool down... but not in the way they thought he would...

In town, whether it was fate or just plain coincidence, two souls met and had their eyes locked.

Xajin: I'm sorry... Do you want this last apple?
Mysterious Girl: No it's fine... you can have it
Xajin: It's alright... There are other fruits around here
Sandra: Thank you... erm... My name is Sandra... If you don't mind, would you care to have dinner with me tonight, I'm new in town and I don't have many friends.
Xajin: Well... I don't know...

He pondered for a while... and he thought of what Reno said... " Take a chill pill man... You need it"

Xajin: Sure... Why not...

She skips off until the corner and she turned back

Sandra: I'll see you back here at 7 then =]

That night... they had a wonderful dinner by the lake. They talked for hours until they had to be asked to leave the restaurant cause it was time for them to close.

This was the first time in months where he truly had fun... since her death, he lost all will to even smile... but that all changed tonight... because, for some reason... he was happy

The night was still young, so they decided to take a trip down to garden nearby to enjoy the stars... Everything was going majestically until a rustle in the bushes caused the Prince to jump into a state of caution.

Xajin: You know it's not a wise move to appose me... If you value your life, you would think twice before drawing your blade at me

Assassin: It's not your life I'm after... it's the one behind you
Xajin: Well... That's too bad, her life is in my hands tonight

With a quick step forward and to the side, the blades clashed.

The taste of metal could be felt in the air, the sound of his breath could be heard as he concentrates harder with each swing of his blade.

With a quick jump, the Assassin snuck behind him but her blow was blocked by his sword, but he wasn't out of the woods just yet...

With an unguarded left, she took a quick jab to his back, he flew to the ground, but he got his balance back just in time...

Xajin: Not bad... Guess I don't have to hold back...

He sheathed his blade.... took his stance and in a blink of an eye...

The match was decided...

Xajin: Leave now... before I change my mind of killing you

Heeding the warning of the Prince, the Assassin fled.

Xajin: Are you alright Sandra?

She did not reply him.... all she gave him was a hug from behind.... her arms around him...

He smiled... but, his smiled soon turned into a cry of agony...

Without his notice, her spell was already in place. She placed a collar around his neck. A collar that would bind the Prince to her. He was helpless and all he could do was scream

Sandra: Foolish Prince... How gullible of you to fall into such a simple trap. Thank you for protecting me. I am... really.. deeply touched. If you like protecting me so much, you shall now serve me... My pet.

Xajin: What... are... you doing to me...

Sandra: Nothing... you want revenge right... Well, I can help you, your friends are only holding you back. I can give you everything you need... Power, an Army, A sheer force to take down your father... Things your friends can never offer you, especially that new queen of yours who wants to take the place of your dear sweet Aki... Don't you just hate that

Helpless, he could not resist her, she was right... his friends can't do anything but hold him back, he don't trust the new queen, he was caught in her mind trap... his eyes soon turned dark, his memories... wiped. All that was left in his heart was the sole purpose to serve his new mistress and for the revenge he always wanted...

Xajin: Y-yyyes... My mistress...
Sandra: Good boy... Now... Will you obey everything I say?
Xajin: Every order.... I shall obey...
Sandra: Very good... why don't we pay a visit to your friends who were holding you back and put them in their place.

Xajin: As you command... My Mistress...


Well... that's it for now. I haven't revealed who the new Queen, because I don't have any pictures of her yet, so I decided to skip that lil chapter and head straight to this one. Don't worry, you're not missing much anyway.

Main Pics of GACC By Ping and Sandra

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PS: Extra Pics... Enjoy

Xajin: Are you cold my mistress?

A little flame to keep me company,
To Light up the darkness tonight

Add a few more flames to keep us warm,
We'll never be alone

The candles burn bright...
Revenge will be mine...

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