Monday, December 28, 2009

Comic Fiesta 2009 (Competitor's Chronicles)

Over 20 contestants on one stage battling it out for the title. To win the prestigious Comic Fiesta Solo Competition Championship. Said to be the toughest competition of the year as it test a cosplayer's creativity and skill on stage and with the amount of participants involved, it is no easy game and only the best 8 are able to move on to the final round.

I registered myself when the registration opened, only to find that I was the 1st one there...

Me: Am I the 1st?
Karie: Yeap you are
Me: I'll come back later
Karie: *drags me back* Noo... sign now
Me: Damn...

Not far behind me were the other contestants... why did I go 1st... >.<

The contestants lined up and met for the briefing at 12.30PM. We were told what to do and soon, it was time to head off to the stage. The judges took their place and the fight was on

Step Forward... Warriors of the Day

I was up 1st... With a smile and a rose, The Stage was mine...

Sasuke matched up with his Chidori

Alex Mercer from Prototype does not play nice

I admire Sparda for joining as Sparda (This character has not made a formal appearance in any games yet)

It's Echo from Pandora Hearts... we have a young contestant here

Naru as Alice
Elegant as always

Sky sempai doing an awesome Taikobou
The craftsmanship is A class

Kadaj dazzling the crowd

An unexpected entry.... Hunters from L4D

Tobi sanjou~~

A vocaloid will not be left out XP

Here comes a heart-throb that only rivals me.. SEBBY!!!

You can't have Sebby without a Ciel

Ren from Erementar Gerad

Ichigo will not lose

Next comes Virgi... i mean Vergil from DMC. He joined with his father Sparda

Time to Perform

Exdeath spares no one...

Yuko is here to grant your wish

Kirin from Monster Hunter. This has been dubbed as the furry costume

From Trinity Blood
Yes MCs... bow to her

Another one from Monster Hunter

Garland lost his way and wound up on the Solo stage XP

White Mage from Final Fantasy

Lenne from Final Fantasy X-2 delivered a beautiful tune to the stage

The contestants are given one minute in the 1st round to deliver a performance to wow the crowd and judges. The crowd was wild, the judges had their eyes focused and soon...

It was time to fight

The top 8 were chosen later that day and the 2nd round soon began. Each contestant are given a topic and a random object and they have to deliver a skit with that topic and object. I was lucky enough to make it to the top 8 along with Alex Mercer, Alice, Taikobou, the Trinity Blood cosplayer, Kirin, Hunter 1 and Garland.

My skit topic Stalking and my prop was a RM 10 note... and we have 20 mins to prepare the skit ^^"

Well.... enjoy my skit

Doing this skit was way fun for me... and from this whole experience, I met new friends and gain new rivals. I may have lost this time, but I gained something more important... I tried my best and I walk away with no regrets... but I promise, I'll come back stronger next year

Two is better than One

Thx Weez for helping me with my skit =]

(Suoh Tamaki)


gkmitch said...

Dude, how did you make that Exdeath costume?

I'd pay for one of those. ;)

gkmitch said...

dude, how did you make that Exdeath costume?

I'd pay for one of those. ;)