Thursday, December 24, 2009

Comic Fiesta Day 1 (Kiryu Zero's Personal Report)

I didn't know what to expect when I first stepped into the Sunway Convention Hall. People were already gathering at the entrance. The place was packed and everywhere you walk, you will at least bump onto a shoulder or two.

I was nervous at first, but the nerves calmed down as I caught eye of someone familiar to me, someone who is almost family.

With a hi and a pat on the back. I was ready. I clutched my hands and reminded myself... This is just like any other event... Only Bigger. I was ready for my first ever Comic Fiesta.

I felt the event picked up a lil too slowly at the beginning. The atmosphere was a little dull as it was still early. I got changed into my first character, Nathan Mahler from Blood+.

Yeap... I look gay

Okk... I was freezing in this costume. Very very very cold indeed. I walked around, shopped and saw some pretty interesting things, but it was still pretty much a lil slow as the the Blood+ crew went for a photo shoot without me T.T

The event only picked up when the group competition started. At around 2, I changed to my 2nd costume...

Kiryu Zero from Vampire Knight. I had fun walking around Zero, though I have to slap myself a few times when talking to people (Too into character till the emo mood stuck with me)

Soon, it was time for my competition to start, the One True Pairing, a contest of the best pairing on stage will walk away with the prize. I was waiting for this competition since I saw the competitor list.

Dante and Night pair along with

Sparda and Darkiris pair plus

Sky and Naru pair.

Tough competitors that I always wanted to have a head to head battle with.

Though we did not win... I had a lot of fun. I promise that I will come back stronger next time.

Check out our Skit

I guess the best part of the day was actually meeting up with Feli and Sam while getting meeting Kuro for the 1st time... and what do we do... Take lots of pictures.

Zero & Yuki

Night Class Gather

An event won't be complete without the BeatCam

See... Double.... Twice the Bloodlust

Twice the Emo

Twice the Bully

Thx for letting tag along everyone =]

With that ends Day 1's report


PS: Thx for the pics too XP
(They are not mine)


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