Sunday, December 27, 2009

Comic Fiesta Day 2 (Suoh Tamaki's Host Report)

Trying my hardest to put a smile on the faces of my customers is what I live for. Seeing them smirk from the edge of their lips, holding on to their breathe as they try not to laugh and seeing the joy in their eyes.... That is what I live for as a Host... no... The Host King.

Shall we dance, Mademoiselle?

Comic Fiesta Day 2 was even more impressive than day 1... the costume details, the cosplayers, the beauty of the event... it was majestic till, breath-taking even... I stand in awe at all the gorgeous costumes and I envy the effort some put in to their work, but I have my skills as well... not in my props or costume... it's my heart as a Host.

The agenda for the day was to make some smiles as well as the solo competition, but let's talk more on the host business (Before Kyouya kills me)

Tamaki's Gallery: My customers for the Day

It's so nice to serve you

Just for a smile

What do you wish for?

A date?

How bout some tea?

Maybe a dance?

Me: okk.... *runs* Phail XP

Welcome to Ouran's Host Club

Welcome to all

Yes... we even get customers like this XP

A princess came to visit

Sweet Memories

My best customer, Mio from K-On came to visit XP

Day 2 was a blast for this Host, tiring... but enjoyable. I'm glad to be able to serve all of you.. and if you still have my rose (kept it till it withered), I thank you for holding me close to your heart, either as a friend, family or host.

Well... it's time for me to take my leave... My competition is starting

-Suoh Tamaki-

PS: In the Words of Wen Aniki

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