Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh M Gee... No way

Mass Comm exams are over for me... now I have to wait a week for the Psychology Papers.

But I'm not here to bore about the exam details. It's about what happened the other day in the hallways of College.

I was busy drawing a tattoo on my Theressa's hand for the fun of it when some random girl, I think her friend came talking to her.

Random Girl: Blah blah blah
Theressa: Blah blah blah
Me: *hears something interesting and turns head towards random girl* Really?
Random girl: *stares for 5 seconds* Oh my God it's a guy
Stupid People aka My friends: *Burst out laughing*
Random girl runs away

Well... They had a good laugh... jeez... thanks guys

She saw me from this angle... Seriously... Do I look like a chick to you?

So to test this theory, Cheng Yi took that picture and showed it to a few people... Their answers were either

a) Oh she's hot
b) Looks like you Cheng Yi
c) Cannot decide

Seriously... You people are blind.... So tomorrow, I'm going for a haircut... It's snip snip time... how short?

No Idea... We shall see



Ay "Ike' Jay said...


dude like. awsm!

8D i got those when i had my hair short.

Still remember back at the time where I was tagging along with my guyfriends for dinner when their other random guy friends come over. They were like shaking hands and all.. (you know malay dudes when they meet up,they'll shake hands with whoever their friends are sitting with, as long they are males)

and when it comes to my turn, they froze when they finally shook hands with me.

I go LOL.

Shadow Xajin said...

Oh rly now... u are a trap XP

My hair is still long, i only cut the fringe away... no more emo look XP

juztiff91 said...

sorry bro...
I kinda have to agree...
U do look like a girl from behind...
*runs and hides*
hehe...but hey, I got a new sis!!!omg!!!tats so cool!!!
haha...being sarcastic k???
well, I still love u... ;)

andragamann said...

hello~nice to meet u..............................