Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another Day for the Sun

C2Age 2009 was great, much better than last year in the sense of turn out and the publicity. More cosplayers this year and more booths to boot. Though there are some mishaps though, , crowd reaction was not so good, crowded, no space to put our stuff.

But overall, it went well and I did enjoy myself. Games are organized and though the timing was off, it went as planned. Picture taking is always a great way for fun and giving fan service is a crowd-pleaser is enjoyable to a great extent... sweet and delicious too.

I had a great time taking pictures with my dear daughter and my sweet sisters and the other cosplayers as well. I would love to show you the pictures, but.... I don't feel like posting it up...

Just Kidding

Here are the Pictures for C2AGE 2009:

OMG... Look like a pastor wei...

Random shots now...

Love her costume... love those boots

Whee.... We return once again from the depths of hell

Leonard =]

Christine: C2AGE Vice

DD =]

My new toy XD


*Me Points right*

Wah... yeng ah...

Woot... Master Roshi has hair

Now the Fun begins:

We found a park and began shooting


Shh... don't tell my parents
*it's just an empty beer bottle we found*

Here they come

Damn... Shino looks cool

His real face exposed
*So that's what he does in his free time*

Gaara and Sakura Fan Service

*Yea rite*

Bloody murder....
*Chia Wei... ur hand ah*

Wah... damn cute lo

Very mature like

Fight stance

For Esther: Gaara tribute


Ok.... back to me =]

Cutie: Peace

Me: *eye open* hmm

Me: My lady... *wink*

Me: Oh shit....

Haha... there will be more pictures coming. Will post up more once I get my fan service pictures =]

Till then


Returner ~Yami no Shuen~ by Gackt

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