Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wandering Mind

It's been a heck of a week in College or should I say Uni. The 1st week of my second sem is at an end and I already have assignments to deal with. This semester, my subjects are Persuasion in the Media and Intro to Design. Both are fun classes and I get to share them with my 3 so to say "girl-friends". The classes are fun, but the work load is killer. Not that it's such a bad thing, at least it keeps my mind busy.

I hate these lonely nights when I am not in the mood for my work... My mind wanders off into another medium. Do I have problems?

I won't say they are problems.... just ordeals I have to deal with in order to move forward. I have to press on in order to survive. However the outcome may be, I'm ready to face it. I'm prepared for whatever that comes in my way. That's my resolve...

Looking back at the times gone wrong...
I wonder to myself why I strayed along
It hurts so much to be in this pain
Yet this sweet temptation has gotten to me again...


Something to keep me up =]

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