Monday, May 18, 2009

Never Meant to Be

He looked at the sky from his favorite spot in the garden

She was dreaming of him from under the clouds at the usual spot

Both of them having were the same thought in mind... the memory of each other. How they longed to see each other again and share another moment together. No matter how much they wish or how much they hope for it to happen... they will never meet again

It's a sad tale of a love that was never meant to be... will you listen?

They were a young happy couple. Both of them were from different countries, they share different beliefs and their goals were also different, but they share one thing in common... that is the love for each other.

Wherever she was in his village for a mission, they would take whatever chance they have to spend as much time with each other as possible. He would wait for her at the same spot everyday. She would then drag him off to their secret spot while trying to escape his subordinates from spotting him.

They enjoyed the peace they had together, the love between them was a bond that can't never be broken... that was what they wish to believe... but their love was never meant to happen

What do I mean by that...?

She was to be with someone else... That person is said to be her fated partner, but she does not feel the same way for him, she does not love Naruto. She was in love... In love with Gaara, the Kazekage

Naruto is well aware the secret meetings between the Kazekage and his soon to be wife, and he was not going to let it sit easy on his part. What was he to do... Murder? No that would cause a war. Blackmail? Still no... Gaara's too smart to be fooled into blackmail... There's only one thing he can do...

Time for him to take a lil visit to his dear friend, the Kazekage.

Naruto found Gaara at his usual spot and then, fate dealt an irreversible card.

"Gaara... I know about your relationship with my future wife... do you think this will be good for our countries. The Kazekage stealing the future wife of the Hokage, do you intend to start a war?"

Caught by surprised of what his friend said, he was stunned for a moment.

"Don't be rash! Do you know what a war would do to our countries?"

"Then might I request you to stop seeing her?"

He knows he can't do that, but he doesn't want a war to happen as well... what was he to do?

"I can't... I love Sakura and she loves me"

"Well then... then... I hope you are happy once you start this war"

Unable to control his anger... he did the unthinkable...

"I'll kill you Naruto"

At that very moment, Sakura passed by and could not believe what she heard... Without thinking of a next move, she drew her kunai and leaped towards Gaara, hoping to stop him, but Naruto pushed him to a corner and the kunai was stabbed straight into Gaara

This wasn't supposed to happen... Naruto could not believe what he did... he stood there frozen for a moment and out of fright, he ran.... ran as fast as he could...

She stood there still... with eyes filled with disbelief.

He was lying still... barely moving an inch. She cupped her hands across his chest and infused a glowing light into him... she was trying to heal his wounds, but the kunai stabbed deep into his heart, almost impossible to heal.

He opened his eyes.... and he whispered his final words....

"I love you"

No one ever spoke of that incident and no one wants to remember it... The memory of that day was burnt deep into her heart.

He sat in the Garden where they would meet, she was there under the clouds still thinking of him... He was there with her, but she will never know.

They will never meet again...


Prince of Darkness: It's time to go
Gaara: *Nods*
Prince of Darkness: Do you regret anything?
Gaara: There's nothing left to regret


Another story done... took me quite a while and my ideas were running low... lol

Well, I think it's so-so... oh well that's what you get for writing with a blur mind. Oh well, it's just for fun anyway.

Pictures are taken by myself and a few friends. Story is not related at all to the manga/anime

The story is dedicated to:

Belle: Who wants me to wrote more

Esther: Who requested I write this

Cutie: For "forcing" me to write a story XD

Sparda: For no reason what-so-ever XD

Thanks for reading =]


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