Friday, May 8, 2009

I know I've been writing a lot of poems and I know some people are getting bored of it, but really... the poems I write reflect how I am feeling and how my life is turning out to. It's a ambiguous way for me to express myself and this is how I feel now....

I have loved...

I have love lost

I have had my heart broken into several pieces

Where we stand now,

hope seems so dim

What will happen next

has fallen into the deep abyss

We were one

But now we are none...

Things will turn out well...

That's yet to be known

I'm getting hooked on one song now... The lyrics really grabbed me and it's the perfect song to accompany me now...

Last Song (Unplugged Version) by Gackt
It's an old song that I dug up from my play list
Lyrics included

Last Song (Original version) by Gackt


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