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The Truth Behind Destiny

Holy... this took me 3 hours to write this... I finally got it done. Well... for all my readers who "asked" me to get another story up. Here's my treat to you. Thx for all your support =]

Disclaimer: This is a continuation from the other story and pics are from friends and phototogs. The Characters are all OOC and it does not relate to the anime/manga

This story is dedicated to:

Belle: Supportive nee-chan
Esther and Cutie: For staring in them and for the support
Sparda: For not getting angry for the 1st story (I think you'll really kill me for this story though)
Wen and Sachiko: For the compliments and support.

Let's begin....

Destiny was hard to challenge. Once you stand face to face with him, all you can do is let it pass and thus accept the fate that was written in your life's story. Facing destiny... he knew how that felt like. He knows the sensation too well for he had dealt blows with destiny... the outcome?

He lost...

He lost everything he had that day. His friends, his work, but most importantly... his life and the person who shares his life.... gone...

He felt helpless... unable to do anything but watch as the love of his life was being stolen by someone who he thought was his friend.

He would look at her from afar and looking was the only thing he can do. He was unable to touch her, unable to hold her in his arms. Never again will he be able to whisper those 3 words in her ears... I love you... he wanted to tell her that

Well, being dead was not all that bad... he won't have to suffer the pain of his broken heart.


A month had passed since that day, yet she was unable to forget about that day... no... she does not want to forget. She wanted to hold his memory dear in her heart. She thought that by doing so, he will live on in her heart.

She would sit in her favorite spot everyday and she would just drift away with memories of their time together. She can feel his presence every time she sits there... she can feel him. Too bad she doesn't realize that he is with her every time she goes there.

When she is there, her heart was at peace, but her heart will never truly be at peace... Only a week left before the day she dreaded. The day where she will abandon the name Haruno Sakura... the day where she will finally become Mrs. Uzumaki...


The sun was about to set, it was time for him to return to that place.

Prince of Darkness: Back from the land of the living again... don't you get bored?

Gaara: I'll do whatever I want to do

Prince of Darkness: You know... you're not making my job any easier. I'm suppose to bring you to the other side, yet you wish to remain at the bridge between life and death. Don't you want to rest in peace?

Gaara: I will never be in peace... not after that day. He took her away from me... and now he's forcing her to marry him.

Prince of Darkness: She can always say no.. =]

Gaara: Stop with the jokes... you are death, you know what is happening. She can't refuse..

That's right... she can't refuse... it was her destiny to marry Naruto. A destiny that was set and done since the day she came into this world.

The days come and go like the wind, and soon enough the wedding was just a night away.

Naruto was excited and he could hardly sleep. The day he had been waiting for since forever was finally coming tomorrow. The day he will take Sakura as his bride.

Sakura on the other hand was hoping tomorrow never comes. She does not want to tie the knot with Naruto. She does not love him... She has and always will love Gaara.

The night sky was beautiful as ever. The stars were lighting up the heavens and the moon was casting nothing but a shadow. Gaara was unable to rest. He wanted to take one last look at Sakura before the wedding.

He walked through the streets of Konoha, passing everyone he saw. Then... he heard his voice... Naruto's voice.... Gaara walked towards that voice and yes, it was Naruto and he was talking to someone...

Shino: Finally the plan is at the final stage

Naruto: Yup... Tomorrow after I marry Sakura, everything will be complete

Shino: Who knew she was the chosen one... in a way, this is good for you. Her blood is the only type that will match yours perfectly.

Naruto: The blood that is perfect for Kyuubi

He couldn't believe what he heard... Naruto was actually planning to use Sakura... He wanted to do something, but he can't even lay a finger on the sicko. Gaara was left with no choice... he went to ask for his help...

Back at the crossroad of life and death. Gaara found him there as usual

Gaara: I need you help

Prince of Darkness: Hmm? If your asking for a second life, that's a complete no

Gaara: I just want to return to the land of the living. There is something I must do. Is there anything you can do?

Prince of Darkness: Haiz... there is one, but it comes with a price.

Gaara: ???

Prince of Darkness:
I can bring you back to life and you will be able to do anything you wish, but the spell only last for 10 minutes. Once the time is up, you will be brought back here. However, the spell only works once and after it loses it's effect, you will never be able to return to the land of the living as you will be forced into the spirit world. Will you still take this risk?

Gaara hesitated, if he makes this deal, he will be able to set things right, but the price is too heavy... No... now's not the time to hesitate.

"I'll do it"

Dawn broke... it was time for the wedding to comence. The whole of Konoha was lively. A wedding, the Hokage was finally getting married.

Naruto was smilling all the way.

Sakura tried her best to smile. Forcing a smile was hurting her cheeks.

Everything was going according to plan. The guests were all there, the music was perfect, the stage is set... it was time to begin...


In a cloud of sand... a familiar figure appeared from the shadows... with his blazing red hair and eyes ready to kill. He was back...


Not the smartest thing to do by flying into a wedding in a cloud of sand... well... for one thing, he was supposed to be dead... And how would one react when they see a dead person talking to them....

The room was silent, they couldn't believe it... Gaara, he's back... how?

Gaara: Sakura... Tadaima

Sakura: Welcome back

Gaara: I can't stay long

Sakura: You're leaving?

Gaara: *nods*... But I'm not leaving without completing my mission

Naruto: How is this happening... you're supposed to be dead

Gaara gave a piercing look at Naruto... a look that is ready to kill him

Gaara: I know all about your plans
Naruto: What the hell are you talking about... go back to the dead already

Gaara: You plan to use Sakura as a vessel
Naruto: WHAT!?

Gaara: I heard you last night... you plan to use her to spawn more Kyuubis
Naruto: LIES!!! He's obviously lying

Gaara: You plan to use Kyuubi's power for your own gain...
Naruto: Shut up...

Gaara: You plan to harness Sakura for your own gain
Naruto: SHUT UP!

Gaara: Don't deny it... I know everything
Naruto: SHUT UP!!!!

In a sudden rage... Naruto unleased a Rasengan... but before it was able to make contact with Gaara, the spell wore off and Gaara faded back into the shadows

"Sayonara... Sakura. I still love you"

Prince of Darkness: So... did you finish what you need to do?
Gaara: *nods*
Prince of Darkness: Go on ahead then... I'll catch up

The room fell silent... No one can believe what has happened... Naruto turned to Sakura... and

Sakura: BAKA!!!

She ran away... as fast as she could. She ran and ran... there is only one place where she can go... her favorite spot.

But there was already someone there waiting for her.

Prince of Darkness: My my.... a runaway bride

Sakura: Who are you...? What do you want?

Prince of Darkness: I am but a humble spirit who guards the land between life and death. I see your boyfriend just passed by.

Sakura: Gaara? Where is he?

Prince of Darkness: Gone... I'm afraid he won't be coming back....

A silence feel in the Garden. It was late summer, the sun was shining bright. Tears began to fall from her cheeks. She wanted to see him again...

Prince of Darkness: Do you wish to see him?
Sakura: HUH?
Prince of Darkness: I can bring you to him...
Sakura: what do you mean?
Prince of Darkness: Will you come with me..? Let me show you death...

Things soon returned to normal in Konoha. Everyone was back to their daily lives. No one believe Gaara's words about Naruto, and so everyone accepeted the fact that it was an illusion. Naruto was still the Hokage, the village was still at peace...

What about Gaara and Sakura...?

Why don't you ask them yourself...


I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it... Comments are welcomed =]



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