Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Two Worlds Apart (Photoshoot)

The week has been a major roller coaster ride... ups and downs and loops all around, making me dizzy from the rounds. Couldn't really sleep well after that.

Yesterday morning I woke up with a headache, Aki called to discuss some stuff and well, I need some friend time, so I dropped by her place just for some girl talk... What? Can't a guy have some girl talk. Lol...

I swung by her place and we just chatted... you know, the usual stuff, love, life, goth, school, more goth stuff. One thing lead to another... and it eventually lead to a hair and make-up session. Since C2AGE is coming, we decided to get some ideas for costumes and well.... Pictures =]

Disclaimer: Don't get any funny ideas, or I'll condemn you to hell... this is just for the art of dressing up and the picture quality is not so good, there's only 2 of us so we had to use the timer and we can't really get a good angle... If you wanna see it, scroll down =]

Aki (Before)
Relation: My Sifu/Sempai, awesome friend and Daughter (I don't know how that happen)

Jian (Before)
*I hate that smile*

Almost done

Final Product:

My Naughty Pet

The Prince of Darkness =P

The Story: Two Worlds Apart

The Prince had a pet, her name was Aki and he loved her a lot,

But not in the way most people would think... they were well... in love, but this love they are in is considered taboo in the kingdom. It is unacceptable for the one who shall be next in line for the throne to be seen loving a lowly vampire girl.

That is why, the only time they can really be together is when the king is out from the palace, but they still have to be cautious of the bishop and the servants for if they find out... the king will never forgive the girl and the Prince will be executed from the kingdom. They know the risk, but they do not care.

They will take whatever chance they have to see each other, that includes sneaking out into the tallest tower in the castle, running to the woods and even, drugging the king with sleeping pills.

At times, the Prince had to leave the castle to go on trips with the king, and that would leave Aki all alone in the Prince's chamber

She would spend her days on the Prince's chair awaiting for his return

The Prince too, dreaded all the long travels with his father. The king had expectations for him and he never knew if he was able to fulfill them. He often thinks that the life of a Prince was just not for him, but he could never tell his Father this.

Weeks passed and the Prince was no where to be seen, Aki was still waiting for his return and

He finally returned, back in her arms...

That night, he didn't sleep. He sat on his favourite chair and began thinking of his next move... so many things were running in his mind and he finally came to a conclusion

When dawn broke, he told Aki of his next move... He wants to escape this life, the life of riches and power... throw away everything that he had... the things that he had but never wanted... this life... he wanted it gone. He told her that he wants to run away from the palace and he wants her to follow him and to start a new life

She was hesitant, she did not want him to get in trouble... but starting a new life would mean they can be together... What was she to do?

Prince: Think about it... I won't force you into anything that you don't want to do... no matter what your choice will be, I will always be by your side

Aki: Wait... Let's go... Start a new life

On that day, they sealed their fate with a kiss...

After that day... no one in the kingdom ever saw those two again... The king, damn was he pissed. What happened to those two, no one knows... but they say, they faded into the darkness... walking hand in hand... all they left behind, was the memory people had of them


Yea I was bored, sue me XD

But I had fun writing this... I'm not a story writer, but I do my best with what I have

Here are a few more pictures:

Aki's favourite solo pic

My favorite solo pic

The 2000th Shot

I had fun... more photo shoots coming up... for C2AGE =]



Belle the Cat by LM.C

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