Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Boys are Back....

Well this is a fresh start after all those emo postings.... and

No... the title does not imply the song from HSM 3. I'm referring to the J3. After months of college and meeting new people... we finally found a chance to get back together and cause chaos the only way we know how.

Yes.. I'm talking about my 2 High School Buddies + Me = J3

Joon Hong- The tech geek

Ji Mi- The unofficial leader

Jian- The one that talks too much

It was fun seeing those nuts again... Miss those idiots so much

This happened last Friday. They came over for a bit before heading off... and with the sudden meeting, we all had so many stories to tell; college, studies, GIRLS, clubs, happenings.... more GIRLS...

Then we left for out hangout trip with the P sisters

Man, it seems like forever since we did something together... ok... I sound very gay now... but we had fun:

Let's go....

Scribble Scribble

The most troublesome Junior I ever had... but still sayang her

I'll be waiting for Saturday =)



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