Saturday, November 1, 2008

Reborn Into The Night....

Halloween was awesome.... I had loads of fun, hanging out and dancing the night away... I don't care for the food, or the DJ... all i cared for was my friends, the company and the camwhoring.

Before I blog about it... I wanna show you something... My new look:

The Old Me *boring...*

The 2008 Look *hair's better*

A bit of change *Darker Side*

What cha think?

Now... about Halloween...

It may be a night of fright... of dead souls and wandering spirits... But all the spirits you get to see are the spirits of HMC students rocking the night away.

What else can I say... dressing up is fun, taking pictures and just having a blast.

Pics by Jian & Irene:

Coming down the Elevator

The night started off slow... and we thought we were late. They were all waiting for me as I was finishing my hair and make-up. We headed down and saw that the party hasn't started *pheew*

So we just hanged and chatted while waiting for the door to hall door to open.

Then... someone caught my eye...

I wasn't expecting to see Jiam there, but I'm glad she came =)
Please don't hurt me...

Wow... she came... I guess Eugene managed to talk to her. When the door opened, it was finally time...

The party was better, compared to the other parties. They had the usual... food, drinks, dancing, and games.

But I was too busy camwhoring at that time =)

You know what... I'll just let the pictures talk for me from this point:

A closer look

The gorgeous reception

Dr. House was in the House...
*Yes I know... Lame*

Those who haunt your school...

The Half-Dead with The Fully-Dead
*I hope that's paint...*

Witchy ^^

Nice Assortment of Characters
*Far Left: Edward Scissorhands*

The Double Jacksons
Micheal & Moots Jackson

Oh something really stupid happened:

Aris (Micheal Jackson), looked himself out from his car... actually, Marcus was the one who slammed the door while his keys are still in the car... so, he's stranded.


Ways to get key out:
  • Pick Lock *Failed Miserably*
  • Smash Window *Insurance don't cover*
  • Sit while waiting for a miracle *Took too long*
  • Call a Locksmith *That might work & surprised... it did work*
While waiting:



All wells that ends well... *Except for his wallet*

OK... back to the pictures:

Ghoulish Night


Cry of The Bread Zombie

The Genius Make-Up Artist: Ms. Fashion Irene

Are you scared??

Your Heart Skipping a beat?

Let me ask...

Why so Serious?
*Dude... this looks so cool*


Let's Dance...

Red... Black... White

Black & White... the only 2 colors you need

The Floating Head

The Floating Head Left

He looks scarier than me...

Lady Charlotte & Sir Irene

Halloween's never over...

One more thing... I never embarrassed myself so much in one night... but it was worth it =)

I keep telling everyone... I can't dance... and I won't be caught dancing ever again...

But Jiam dragged me on the dance floor anyway...

OMG!!! I suck at dancing... =.=
But she didn't mind =)

Thank you... I hope to have another dance with you =)

That's it for my Halloween... but who says it's over...



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