Thursday, November 13, 2008

Something to fill my lost time... A Tag

I'm feeling really drugged up now... Having a fever is NOT fun....

Tag by Pipi & Pupu

1) What's your full name ?
Depends on which of my Personas you wanna talk too

2) How did you feel last night ?
Felt very fucked up

3) Do you believe in eternity ?
I do... there's always something you can get out of life

4) Who do you trust the most ?
Rite now... I don't know anymore... I don't even trust myself

5) If you have a dream come true..
I would dream to be next to the one I love

6) Are you in love ?
Love is such a strong word, but I do have strong feelings for someone

7) Who ?
Let's just say... She's someone who stole my heart

8) What are you doing right now ?
Trying to get rid of this sickness

9) Who do you hate the most ? And what did you called him/her ?
Don't really care... I hate him too much to even look at him

10 ) Chocolate or ice-cream ?
I need 2 shots of each rite now...

11) Which quote do you like the most ?
Close your eyes... Can I kiss you...?

12) Do you think you need to get diet ?

13) Why ?
I just do

14) Have you ever hurt people around you ?
I tend to hurt people on a daily basis

15) If you get a chance to meet your favourite star , what would you say to him/her ?
JUI!!!! JUI!!! JUI!!!!

16) What school you're studying now ?

17) What do you think about that school ?
I like that place...

18) What would you do when you're 18 ?
I will find out very soon...

19) What's in your mind right now ?

20) What's the color of your walls in your bedroom ?
Dark Blue

21) What do you prefer to drink ?
Anything that would not kill me...

22) To which country would you prefer to go on a vacation ?

23) Your mood right now ?
Fucked up...

24) Which is your birth month?

25) 10 peoples to tag *I don't care if u do or not*
  1. Dila
  2. Jiam
  3. Miko
  4. Ben
  5. Jimi
  6. JH
  7. Shana
  8. Grace
  9. Josh
  10. Wynn
26) Who is number 10 ?
A very good friend

27) What about 5 and 1 ?
I would like to see that happen...

28) Is number 2 in a relationship ?
With her work...

29) Do you hate number 6 ?
Yes I do... cause he's a nut XD

30) Describe number 3



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