Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Wish List

Yaaaaaayyyy!!!! Christmas is coming. I hope this year I get good stuff (considering my luck with gifts)

*can you believe I still get Mickey Mouse T-Shirts for Christmas* =.=
*Just smile and say thank you =D*

All I want for Christmas:

Accessories: Lots of it =D

Punk Goth Leather Bangles

Rings: Especially those tribal rings

Pendents: Dragons and Tribal for me

Crosses too =D

My Nerd-ish Passion:

Manga: Negima Vol 16 onwards XP

Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

Dear Santa: I want this pretty please

I'll settle for this too *acts innocent*

How bout this?

My Darker Side:

Anything from i-Socks would be awesome


*Eyes Sparkle*



I'm in Goth Heaven

But... most of all...

All I want for Christmas is... "You" *winks*



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