Friday, December 5, 2008

Taggie By Zy & JH

The last person to tag you is?... (they both tagged me)
Zy Zy.

Joon Hong

Your 5 impressions towards them..
-Her Favorite word is SHIETS
-She's Cute
-If she were a Pokemon, she would be a Mismagus (Look it up)
-She loves to bake
-She owes me ICE-CREAM'

-My Brother In Anime and Games
-Download King
-Looks and acts like a freaking Korean
-The keeper of my secrets
-If he were a Pokemon, he would be a Crogunk (Go look it up)

The most memorable thing she/he had done to me...
I just met her... I guess.... Hitting me

The Crap we do

If she/he becomes your lover, you will...
That's for her to know and for you to find out XD

I would rather DIE!!

If she becomes your enemy, you will...
Let me see... Burning, Torturing, Skewing, Trashing, Whipping, Beheading, oh and destroying her Yaoi collection

I doubt he will ever be my enemy... but IF he did... I would eat all his cookies XD

If he becomes your lover, she should improve on...
Not saying Shiets so much

Finding a Girlfriend

How do you think people around you are thinking about you?
They think I lost a few bolts in my brain

The character of yourself is...
An Anime Character

The most ideal person you wanna be with?
There's so many to choose from... but I would say... YUI!!!!

I won't mind Jui too XD *If I'm gay that is*

For the person who cares or likes you, say something to them
I love you

10 people to tag:
1. Shana
2. Dila
3. Miko
4. Jason
5. Queennie
6. Christine
7. Jiansheng
8. Joshua
9. Pipi
10. Pupu

Who is num 2 having relationship with
For me to know ^^

Is num 3 a female or male?
Female la

Is num 7 and 10 together would be a good thing?
I would call number 7 a pedophile

How about num 5 and 8?
Number 4 would get jealous

What is num 1 studying?
Foundation... Muahaha... Second Sem for her

When was the last time you had a chat with them
Depends who you are refering too

Is num 4 single?
I think so

Talk something about num 2
Hehe... she's sweet and annoying and cute and loves to merajuk. Craps a lot and loves to makan. And she's my Snorlax XD



Will blog more tonight... =)

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cookiedonut said...

How about num 5 and 8?
Number 4 would get jealous

ceh, how u noe =.=