Sunday, December 28, 2008

Remember December

I've been a bit slow on this months entries. That is to be expected since it is the holidays and this gives me the excuse to be a lil bit lazy on actually "doing" work.

Alright then... let's just sum everything up and be done with it:

First: Sweet Home Alone

After my finals finished early this month, I found myself being left alone at home whereas my whole family had a lil vacation trip all the way to Australia for my aunt's wedding.

I would have followed them if it wasn't for the damn finals, but it wasn't all that bad since I had the house all to myself =)

5 days later, they came back home with my relatives from Hong Kong and Australia. They planned to have a wedding dinner here back home for those who could not make it for the actual wedding *shrugs*

Second: The wedding

Well what can you expect for a traditional Chinese wedding dinner; the guest comes early, the food comes late.... typical.

The whole party was normal what you would expect from a normal dinner, until someone had to go turn on the karaoke machine and yea.... I got dragged on stage. Yea ok... so I had fun singing, although I suck at it, but it made my aunt happy.
Don't ask...

Congratz Margaret & Doug

Third: Various Outings

PC Fair, dinner at Chillis, the movies we watched and just being crazy... Gonna miss those times

What's a holiday without going out and having fun, taking pictures and making fools out of ourselves. Too bad holidays are almost over *I wanna go out*

What a way to bowl

Finger Puppet Book?

Fun times

Finally: PERSONA 4!!!

My obsession is here.... I finally have it... PERSONA 4. I just bought it a few days ago and I'm already addicted to it.


I am not at all diappointed at the game play and story-line

Ok, it's almost my turn to game... laters


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