Thursday, December 11, 2008

Shutter Madness

My fingers are itching for more... they need to feel the smooth sensation of touching it again. The feel, the sense, the touch... They need it. Every shot they take is a memory saved.

I've been going nuts these past few days with the camera. I took...

-37 pictures on Monday
-560 pictures on Tuesday ( NEW PERSONAL RECORD)

Each pictures has a story to tell:
I'll upload a few =)

MONDAY: Stories are written by the author. They may or may not be true =)

The Girl that slotted the touch n go card into the ticket slot

Queens of Camwhore

"Eh Wait a Minute"

"My boyfriend is late"

"Does my hair look weird?"

"I look damn good in the rain"

"I don't see dead people; dead people see me"

"Kissing the dead"

Lunch at Gasoline =)


"Sob Sob... My girlfriend dumped me by sms"

A surprise seeing her

TUESDAY: No story here... just camwhoring

I really enjoyed myself today. Went to Elle's place and had dinner at Chills *woot*

The pigs were still sleeping when I got there. It was 1.30 PM

This Pig just got up

This looked so wrong

Playing Games on my lappie

Welcome to McShit, home of the McShit, May I take your shit?

"I'm hot"

"I'm hotter"

Twinkle Twinkle


Hearts my Daughters, Pipi & Pupu

Monkey's nose can be dug XD

End of Camwhoring at Elle's room

Dinner at Chills: Why i love that place

Wide Selection of Food

Great Company

A friend I haven't seen in a while <3>

Bottomless Chips

Huge Servings

Food you can never finish without sharing

Need I say more?

After Dinner Walk

Too hot for you

Don't call the cops... she's still alive

My fav Juniors

Ghouls of KLCC

The small Ghoul just killed me


=.= I'm sure Pupu was really happy when she did this


It's time to end the night

Camwhoring is not a hobby; it's a way of life



Watch This... Very cute

PS: COME ON PPL... COMMENT ON THESE PICS even though you don't know them

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