Saturday, December 6, 2008

Is It Over?

13 Subjects, 3 Semesters, 1 Year... It's finally over...

If everything goes well, I'll be doing my degree next year. I can't wait... 3 years... 3 FREAKING YEARS...

I can't believe December is already here... It feels weird...

I always complain that the year is too long, but now I think it's too short.
Maybe because I don't wanna leave HMC... That place is like my home away from home.

I guess the only thing I can do now is either fail a subject to stay another Sem in HMC or reminisce with all the pictures taken this year...

*thinks hard*

I think I'll pick the latter... Hell no I wanna stay another Sem.

3rd Sem... Friends seperate into different classes

But made new ones

while keeping the old =)

For Example: Introducing the IP Power Rangers XD

Kimberly & Jian *Pink & White*
White Ranger's cooler than Black XP

White (Jian), Blue (Ben), Red (Jason)

Faiq (Black Ranger)

Jason and Quennie (The Alien Yellow Ranger)

Lunches Around The Main Block:

There's cheeze on your face dude

Yumm... Another Ice-Cream shot

Campus Jokers

Misel gives a mean massage

Being Lame

Of Presentations and Formal Attire:


More CTS


Some Formal Function for the Scholars

My IP Presentation
*My Final Presentation in HMC*

Highlight Events:

Eugene's Party

~Oo La La~





Take My Hand... Do you Trust Me?


My Life...

It's been one Hell of a Year and it's not over...



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