Friday, March 20, 2009

Hanging by Moments


I'm Alive.... Don't count me out just yet. I've been buried under a landslide of assignments. I just finished 2, (Social and Business Comm, Public Speaking Speech 3), only 4 more to go:
  1. Social and Business Comm Presentation (No Prob)
  2. Psychology Report (HELL's MINI GATE)
  3. Intro to Mass Comm report (Err... Ok la)
  4. Public Speaking Speech 4 (No Prob)
Did I just say only?? I;m going bonkers

I've been too busy to game, I've been too busy to nap, I've been busy by just being busy

But most importantly, I've been too busy to take pictures *emo*

BUT don't count me out, I did take a few shots here and there:

O.o Sexy Hair

You so owe me... keke

Dudu: Ya... I'm cool
Jane (In the background): *puke*

The Old Fashion way of Flirting:
Guitar and Words

Mushroom: Wow... The breeze up here is nice

Again... Sexy Hair

Me: Too Slow Jojo
Joel: Damn...

I did manage to de-stress myself yesterday. Thx for inviting me yesterday =)

I had fun, just walking around the whole place 3-4 times, talking and just enjoying the de-stressing period.

I'm looking forward for Sunday
... Only 2 days left. More on that later XD

As of now... I need to rest

Later Days



I miss this show... I love this song

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