Friday, March 27, 2009

Back to Reality... not

ACGC has been a blast... sadly it's over and back to the "normal" life, with 2 assignments down and 2 more to go.... everything seems normal enough... or so I thought... cause Normal is not in my thesaurus.

Promotion for C2AGE continues, but this time it's in college and once again... we put our attire and we started our promotion...

It was so bloody funny dressing up as a goth in college. It's like a major culture shock for almost all of the students. You can actually see them looking at you with the corner of their eyes wondering which part of hell did we spawn from... best part of it all was walking to the other blocks... and people on the street looking at you, some with smiles... some with the WTF look. It's interesting to see how fast people tend to judge you solely on the way you dress...

Back to topic... what's cosplay without a lil photo shoot (and loads of camwhoring) XD

Although the pictures weren't as good as the ones we got in ACGC, they are still pretty decent:

Make Up done by Carmen

O.o I like...

There they go again....

And here we go again... lol


Group Shot Camwhore style

In the middle of the Promotion

What's Cosplay if people don't ask for your picture =P

OH BIG NEWS... SEBASTIAN LEE (a photographer from ACGC) finally uploaded our pictures on Flicker and they look awesome...

The picture taken by a pro looks so much different:
*Credits to Sebastian Lee*

Black Angels

Elegant Romance

Blissful Darkness

Forbidden Love

Our World... The only World

His Photos are awesome.... I hope he comes to C2AGE

And My Final Say:

Teddy wants you to come to C2AGE



02 by Orange Range

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