Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hopes and Regrets

I was dead beat last night... I exceeded at my limit. Yesterday was a hectic day as the MCH101 class had their movie showing event...

The whole goose chase began on the 1st week of Degree as there were some problems in the class, as the class rep, my stress level is going up, especially yesterday... I'm glad and regretting this class and it's only been half my semester.

The whole thing was an up and down ride, not only for me, but for my classmates as well

The Regrets:
  • Stress Level going HIGH
  • Lecturer was giving me the worst form of stress
  • Too much work
  • The whole problem with the event
The Hope:
  • Event turned out well
  • There were some misunderstandings and I knew some my classmates didn't like my way of leading, but... I was really happy today that they actually came up and thank me... That really made my day
  • Bonds were built through the teamwork of the class, no need to depend on "someone"
  • Gained more experience *Level Up >.<*
  • Things I'm most glad about, had awesome group mates... and got to be in the same class as Esther and Belle
Lol... I was so busy I hardly got any pictures

Why so Serious?

BUT... I finally got my 1000th Shot... I was saving it for this moment:

1000th Shot
My Team of Great people
*Quality not that good, but the memories count*

Weee... Belle with my vest

Yuki-nee, you look so cool

To End: A thanks to the people who've been a great help

From Left: Esther, Charlotte, Belle and Mun Yue



World End by Flow

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