Saturday, March 7, 2009

White Veil & Red Roses

First and foremost, I wanna say:


The reason... because today, she's no longer a miss... more on that later

Our journey began when I picked up the love birds from the train station... which they came too bloody early and thus we arrived 30 minutes before the celebration began *talk about early Malaysians*

When the time came, we went in and saw Nisa, and took our seats.

An hour later, the gang came and thus... picture time

If You don't know what celebration this is...
You're a moron

Yup... it's Nisa's wedding =D

Plus a huge camwhore session with her HELP buddies

Lol... I feel so under dress

Eh... Wrong ceremony la...

With that out of the way... It's Time...

Down The Red Carpet

Here comes the Groom

Get to bless the newly weds... so cool =D

The Ceremony was gorgeous, the bride was beautiful and best of all... The FOOD WAS AWESOME

Megat and Nisa
Heartiest Congratulations



When You Say Nothing at All
*One of my Fav Love Songs*

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