Monday, March 23, 2009

Passion for Elegance

A day of Beginnings... a day of Elegance... a day of Darkness... a day of Mystery

I don't have to tell you why I am happy... Most of you should know by now, but I will tell you anyway.

Yesterday was ACGC and it was a blast. We were supposed to go there to promote C2AGE, but what fun is it to go to a Cosplay event and not Cosplay.

What better way to Cosplay then by getting the C2AGE members to do it with me and well... we did where my passion lies.... Goth
They are just your normal everyday student... not after I am done with them

Here's the Members:

Christine: The Punk Goth

Jes: The Twin

Ben & Jenn: Elegant Goths

Xajin: The One Who Started This

What cha think?

It took 2 hours to get all 5 of us done and after that, we rushed to the meeting place, Tropicana Mall

Then... The camwhoring began...

It started off mild when we got there... While promoting our event, we took some pictures with other people and people asking for our pictures...

Here's a few shots:


Elegant & Punk

Punk Twins

Elegant Romance

Playing with Roxas' Keyblade

Teddy wants a pic too

The next set of shots are still mild, I think... there's a special place for Cosplayers to take pics, so we paid that place a lil visit, and Viola:

The Garden

Moving on...

My Fav shot from Sakura Field
*Credits to Ben*

That's all the fun we can have as of now as people started to fill the place and we had to get our butts off the camera and to the people... Promotion was slow until we came up with an idea... why don't we go take picture with the Cosplayers then after that, we grab them and promote the event to them... *smart thinking*

And thus... Camwhoring session begins again:

Roxas from KH2

Hitman Reborn

Misa from Death Note


Suigintou from Rozen Maiden
*She's damn cute*

Soul Eater...
Take our soul


Forget the shows... let's just cam

Reno with the Goths

Working is hard... so after Maki and Dudu came back from AmCorp... we went on our break

*Warning... HARDCORE CAMWHORING* Not fot the Weak

This is the best part of the event... Imagine... swarms of DSLR cameras rushing to you... asking for your photos. We don't have to... cause that's what happened to us.

Christine: Yea...

Jes: *emo*

Jenn: Teddy... *hugs*

Ben: It's Time

Xajin: It's not yet my time...

Our Family Portrait

Next: The One Pose that got the Girls Squeeling

I am not kidding... everyone rushed to get a shot of this

Moving on....

The Lonely Girl

The Sweet Couple

Take My Hand... We'll be together

Close your eyes...

Just for Fun

This was the best... so I hope none of you shot blood out from your noses... just a few more

Special Thx to:

Our Drivers... Maki & Dudu

Irene: For doing our make-up


This is Only the Beginning




Elaine said...

correction for you: thats Suigintou from Rozen Maiden. not Tsuginto

Shadow Xajin said...

Oppp...s my bad....