Friday, September 19, 2008

Random Shopping

No... this is not a blog about me shopping for anything...

I can back from college today and yes... I was bored, so I opened up CS3 just to kill time

Tell me what you think:

Serpent of the deep,
Arise from thy frozen slumber,
Bring with thee the calm of winter.

Moonlight sky,
Calm as it may be,
But lurking deep
A creature from below.

Moonless Night...
Hidden moon,
Reveal thy secrets to me.

Reborn from the Ashes
Rise from your Flames
Shine your Graceful Blaze
Oh Guardian of Fire.

Yes... this is how bored I am...

Random picture taken of Feli Pui Yee

Feli... Smile Smile k

Ah.... tired now.... sleep....

When you're bored, you sleep and hope tomorrow will be more interesting...



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