Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sitting Upon The Frozen Heavens

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I just finish watching the Bleach Diamond Dust Rebellion... I've been waiting for that movie for months and SHIET!!! IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT...

Feli & Sean are dying for this anime as well... *evil grin*
Hey you two... THIS MOVIE'S AWESOME... Hitsugaya is so cool

I payed Joon Hong a visit today and we started trading animes and shows... and I got lots of good stuff from the bugger:

Prison Break season 4 for Charlotte *meow*
Naruto for Miss Winnie
Happily Never After & The Next Avengers for Mr. M


Diamond Dust Rebellion for me me me me me

Damn he looks so cool in the movie

This post is turning to a Hitsugaya Tribute

Oh well...

On the side note... I'm also currently watching

Kamen Rider Kabuto...

Yes I know... I'm too old to be watching Kamen Rider... I can't believe I'm watching it either, but this show is like a drug...

Just like the main actor... Mizushima Hiro

Kk... i just felt like blogging for no reason...




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