Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Rhyme to Pass The Time...

-Broken Wings-

Time Began,
It has spoken,
People lived,
But I am broken.

I lived in Darkness,
Filled with hate,
I longed no more,
To embrace my fate.

Let me be,
This fate of mine,
Let us not...
Have our destinies entwined.

For as I live,
In this misery,
There's nothing left,
For you and me...

An emo poem by me but.... NO!!! I'm not emo-ing again... *keep reading*

Motto of the day: Total Randomness

Thx to her,
My darling sister,
I've been conversing,
In verses.

Economics can be such a pain,
With so much to gain.

Her brained turned to mush
Bits and pieces getting crushed

Me and her, took a bet
to converse in a duet.

Now look at me... blogging in rhyme...
but heck, it's so much fun

I know... I know... I'm babbling in rhyme.... Apparently Economics ain't sitting so good in our brains (Fel and I) and we got bored and started rhyming.... Well, at least it kept us up.

Now I'm just spewing random crap... Not thinking straight now.... Sleepy....

BTW, I'm so in love wth her:



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