Monday, September 1, 2008

My Date with Denise

Don't let the title fool you... I'm not actually going out with her. We decided to blog about each other; kinda promoting each other, so we call this our lil date ^^

Denise... This is specially for you

Get to know her:

Doesn't she look innocent? Looks can be deceiving...

Name: Denise Tan June Lynn
I call her: Den, DD, Denise
Birthday: 14th September 1991 (Coming soon)

Likes: Food
Loves: CHOCOLATES *she can't live without them*
Misc: MY FAVORITE JUNIOR... and er.... she's a Tan XD

Hobbies: Camwhoring is one of many
What I like about her: Keep Reading

Still think she's innocent? Punk-ish

I knew her since she was in Form 1, which was years and years ago. She was hanging round with her friends in the canteen, when stupid Ji Mi went and kacau them.

She was really quiet that time.... now.... she's... er... not... so quiet. I didn't really know her that well, but who knew we would eventually become close friends. We would hang out during recess and chat, and did I mention I love teasing her. She was so innocent back then...

... and she's still innocent. She's one in a million; she would do any task assigned for her. She helped me out with the Drama Team in 2006. The team that time would be incomplete without her, but the thing I'm most thankful for is not because of Drama... it was something far worse... something that without her help, I would be strapped and sent away to crazy land.

My 2 librarians

Lil Denise was my assistant... no not personal assistant (I wish she was). She was my vice-president of the library and HEAVEN KNOWS, WITHOUT HER, THE "BRATS" WILL BE DEAD.

Very helpful in the library, can stand all my crazy mood swings and she does her work without complain or saying stupid things like "Why sweep the floor, it will be dirty again". Love her so much ^^

Couldn't ask for a better junior. *She's Mine... everyone stay away* XD

Ji Mi... Away with you... She's Mine XD


That's my cowboy hat...


At her favorite place in the whole world... McDonalds

Jeez... this girl just love her food

She has one trait "almost" every girl wants... she can eat, but hardly gain any weight

She WANTS to gain weight

Yummy... fried bug... =.="


Siang, you are way out of her league... *evil laugh*

The crazy Tan sisters

"To kiss or not to kiss?"


That's just random...

She still looks good with a bad hair day

Oh right... she's learning the flute

Achoo!!! *rub nose*

For being Denise... I give a 11/10

The Denise Pose

Denise Emo-ing

Never to shy for a shot

My sweet lil junior

I use to go around Hulu Kelang, camera at hand.... now I do that in college

She has taken over my role as the photographer... I have taught you well Denise =D

Which is prettier... The scenery or Denise?

Haha... I talk about her as if she's an angel... WRONG!!! She can be a very evil lil girl sometimes... she's bad...

Don't let her looks fool you...

Just look at her evil face...

She's guilty so being tooooooooooo kind.... seriously... I don't think I've seen her angry at me before... She can really endure crap from me... I'm impressed. OK... there was one time where we fought... I kind got her involve in it, but heck... the past can stay the past. What matters now is that she's my friend and I cherish her with all my heart.

Eh Denise... very hard to find anything bad about you la.... Maybe your lil sis has better luck in doing that than me...

The only thing BAD you did to me was skipping duties cause you have stuff to do and leaving me with the brats... Bad Denise...

And for skipping duties... you must be punished... I punish you by taking away all your chocolates and eating all of them myself

Well... I guess that's it... It's really late and I have class tomorrow... I leave you with my favorite picture of Denise.

One word... WOW

I haven't seen her in a while... but I'm sure she's doing fine... and she's still taking care of the library for me, but she'll be retiring soon.

I'm really grateful for everything she has done for me, and well what can i say... she's a good ally and a great friend. Love you lots DD



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