Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tortured Soul... I need a hug =(

This day can't get any worse. I feel so down in the dumps today...

I feel like I have multiple personalities inside me, myself and I. By the way, what's up with me and colors. If you hang around me nowadays, you can notice a pattern in my clothing...

Black means Happy, Jumpy, Hyper and Hopeful

White means Death, Emo, Sloth, and Depression. Can you guess what color I was wearing today?

Oh, don't worry about the other colors, cause my wardrobe consist mostly of black and white clothes.

Watch out World... Jian Is Emo today!!!

It all started with a stupid nightmare which woke me up from my sleep last night... Why can't I have a nice dream for once... Stupid dream...

The came college, I was okay at first, but once econs class started... I went to Emo mode... After econs, I had Internet Principles.

Don't get me wrong, I love that class. Only one problem.... A bloody F***er is in that class. It would hell better if that F***er is not there (People who know, tahu-tahu la who is this certain specimen of retarded-ness) That person also another thing that spoiled my day...

I wanna go... *%^&#%#@*$#@$!#.... Hmm? Ever had that feeling before?

I thought the end was over, but hell no... I still had to suffer. Mom had a meeting with a client today and told me she will pick me up at Ampang Park at 7.15 p.m. Fine... no problem. Stayed in college till 6.30 ALONE! I was about to leave college at 6.30 when she called and told me she is done. I told her I was about to leave and she went and go berserk on me saying I should have left earlier....


That's all I was thinking... Kena scolding... Don't wanna hear her nag nag nag... so take public transport all the way and walked back.

Now, I'm back home... rested and recharged, but today was so totally fucked up.

Oh well... At least things weren't all that bad today:

Got a ride to college thanks to Marcus

Met Wynn in the morning

Chatted and joked with Misel, Jiansheng, Teng Wei & Irene...

They "promised" to get some of our friends to buy me a PSP for my birthday

Haha... more like I am forcing them to buy it for me.

Getting anime from Mr. Alex & Ms. Winnie

Teased Felicia Onion

Had lunch with Sean, Charlotte and Felicia... No F***er present...

Joked with Sha and Wynn at DSA

Wynn keep me company through the phone while I was waiting for my mom

Well... what can I say? But...

Damn... I love my friends ^^

I still need a hug =(



PS: Sorry for the Emo post, I needed to blow off some steam ...

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